Swim Rompers Are Now A Thing & There Are So Many Questions

There are tons of different swimwear styles out there. But on top of one-pieces, bikinis, and tankinis, there's one you might be missing. Swim rompers are actually a thing that exist, and they will blow your mind. The style of clothing is nothing new, but this shorts and tank one-piece that you can wear in water will make you rethink about everything you know about swimwear.

Rompers have taken quite the fashionable turn lately. It all started with RompHims that are, well, male rompers. Now, swim rompers are here, so you can officially carry your love for the clothing item from the office to the club to the beach. What a time to be alive, my friends.

I first noticed the trend while going through the Target website. Along with their countless other bathing suit styles — I'm talking some great suits all under $30 — you can also get a swim romper. The suit looks similar to any other romper, but it's the fabric that makes all the difference.

Instead of cloth, swim rompers are made out of a polyester and spandex blend, which is your typical swimwear fabric. Apparently, you just slip into the suit as you would any other one-piece and then get to swimming.

Go ahead and let that image sink in for a moment, because you're about to have a whole lot of questions. Are there swim bottoms underneath? Is the bathing suit just as airy underneath water as it is above? Only those brave enough to try the trend will find out. For a cool $40, you can find out for yourself.

Target currently offers two different swim rompers. There's the halter style that comes in black and blue and one with a little peek-a-book cutout in the front. The first is available in plus sizing as well, so just about everyone can get in on the trend.

It turns out that the swim romper is actually nothing new. It just happens to be summer's best kept secret. Plenty of other brands offer swim rompers of their own, if you can believe it. So if you're looking to bust out a beach outfit that no one will expect, there's something for you at every single price point.

1. Realistic-Looking Romper

2. Blue Beauty

3. Gorgeous Gingham

4. All About That Print

5. Two-Piece Illusion

6. Ruffles On Ruffles

7. Simple Suit

You never know what trend will come next, but this is a good indication that comfort is key when it comes to swimwear. While there's still no explanation of how it works in the water, swim rompers are definitely worth the gamble