Taco Bell Just Released An Eyewear Line & You'll Want Every Design

by Alex Blynn
Courtesy of DIFF Charitable Eyewear

Summer lovers and taco fans rejoice —  Taco Bell has teamed up with DIFF Charitable Eyewear for a spicy new collection of shades, just in time for prime summer beach weather. DIFF, the ever-popular range of chic and charitable sunglasses and blue-light blocking glasses, has been championed by the Kardashian clan and mega influencers from across the social media sphere. And Taco Bell has been championed by American stomachs for decades, so this collaboration is a match made in soft-shell heaven.

“You know the feeling when you pull your first taco or crunch wrap out of the bag, pour an entire packet of hot sauce all over it, and close your eyes as you take your first bite?” DIFF co-founder Chad Jernigan tells Bustle. “That incredible tingly feeling is something that a huge percentage of the US population can relate to. When we were looking for a partner to make a big splash with this summer, Taco Bell constantly came up as a brand that is both energetic and free spirited, and perfect for this collection."

Taco Bell has held a very dear place in the hearts of Americans for generations. Its sumptuous, readily available Mexican-inspired delights have been satiating its hungry guests since 1954, back when it was still called Bell's Drive-In and was based in San Bernardino, California. Recognized as one of the tastiest and coolest fast food chains, Taco Bell has cemented its spot in the American psyche and taste buds. Which is likely why DIFF — whose collaborators are usually noted celebrities like JVN or Kendall Jenner — wanted to work with the Bell this summer.

Dash - Courtesy of DIFF Charitable Eyewear
Sawyer - Courtesy of DIFF Charitable Eyewear

The collection features fresh, Taco Bell-inspired takes on classic DIFF designs, producing a line that is an excellent melange of both fashionable and heavily kitsch style. The blue-light blocking Sawyer glasses have been spiced up with Taco Bell’s signature hot sauce packet flame logo. The best-selling Dash aviators have been updated with fun yet subtle TB elements.

And DIFF’s lovely Bella shades have been given bold sunset colored lenses, which will be great to look through at a sunset, on the boardwalk, with a Baja Blast in your hands.

Bella - Courtesy of DIFF Charitable Eyewear

As the pièce de résistance, Taco Bell inspired the DIFF designers to splash "HOT" across the shield lenses of their iconic Luka sport glasses. The specs are completely of-the-now and are the perfect beach day companion … and conversation starter (because who wouldn’t want to hear about the cool glasses you’re sporting that were inspired by TACO BELL).

“We wanted to make sure the glasses were something fanatics would be proud to wear too,” Jernigan tells Bustle. “So we made the sporty Luka HOT and loud, while the other styles are a bit more subtle in their details for when you're not feeling that spicy.”

This line means a lot to the DIFF crew, who are all just as much fans as the rest of us and were just as excited as we are that they got the chance to work with one of the most legendary brands in American history.

Luka - Courtesy of DIFF Charitable Eyewear

“The DIFF team grew up eating and loving Taco Bell,” says Jernigan. “So when we started designing this collection, we wanted to make sure that we highlighted the most memorable moments people share when they think of Taco Bell. The taco shaped cases, the hot sauce packet cleaning cloth, and the iconic TB logos really make a fun connection between Taco Bell and DIFF eyewear.”

The DIFF x Taco Bell collection will be officially available starting July 19, and you'll be able to snag your pair at DIFF's website here.