Taco Bell Makeup Is A Thing & It's Pretty Stunning

If you have a passion for burritos and chalupas, then you can now express that love through your eyeshadow palette thanks to the Taco Bell makeup trend. That's right, beauty lovers are now pulling inspiration for their smokey eye looks from the late-night fast food joint. The chain asked makeup enthusiasts to create looks that were inspired by their logo or menu, tweeting out to their fans: "Hey, beautiful. We're looking for the best Taco Bell inspired makeup looks. Tag your look using #TacoBellMakeup." At first this might sound like quite the challenge — how can you make a beauty look inspired by tacos into something chic rather than gimmicky? But seeing how the chain's brightly-lit signs boast electric colors of purple, yellow, and blue, people had a lot of ideas on just how to pull it off. And the looks are fabulous.

"People are taking their inspiration from everything: Baja Blasts, Crunchwrap Supremes, even Taco Wrappers. One (hero) woman even just painted her whole dang eyelid to look like a stuffed tortilla," PopSugar reported. From razor sharp cat eyes to splashes of gold glitter, bright pops of purple and slashes of green, the looks are so beautiful you might get an itch to recreate them yourself when you go out this weekend.

This challenge dares you to dip into the bolder eyeshadow colors you have stocked in your bathroom, like where @hannibalmecster created a double edge cat eye with bright purple eyeliner, and accented the color with yellow dots.

"The looks spotted on social media include a taco eyelid, eyes painted in the colors of the restaurant's four sauce packets (green, yellow, orange, and red for verde, mild, hot, and fire), a few eyes with the red bell symbol, more Baja Blast Freeze eyes, and eyes painted with the colors of the Taco Bell logo," Refinery 29 shared.

In @muaqueenica's look, you can practically see the logo on her eyelids, topped off with a lettuce-green shadow and a pop of purple on the lips.

As for @cassielayne_, she took on a smokier approach, but accented the corners of her eyes with a taco-shell-inspired pops of gold.

Grab your own makeup brushes and see what you can come up with. But be warned — you might get hungry while doing it!