These Taika Waititi Tweets About 'Thor' Will Make You Love Him Even More

by Stephanie Downs
Getty Images/Bustle

Chris Hemsworth may be the star of Thor: Ragnarok, but the film's director, Taika Waititi, is quickly becoming the true star of the blockbuster. The director's been busy promoting his film along with the cast, and it has been a hysterical ride thanks to Taika Waititi's tweets that show off his super heroic sense of humor. His tweets concerning the Marvel film show that he really is one of the funniest directors out there right now.

If you're not familiar, Waititi is both an actor and director, who, before directing Thor: Ragnarok, was known for the indie hit Hunt for the Wilderpeople. But save for an appearance in 2011's Green Lantern, he hasn't been a major figure in the superhero genre. That's all changed with the release of Thor: Ragnarok. Waititi brought his signature humor to the film, something that fits his directing style. In an interview with The Guardian, he said that his movies are, "a fine balance between comedy and drama. And they mainly deal with the clumsiness of humanity."

That balance may be true for Waititi's films, but it's kind of a different story for his funny tweets. There's so much cheeky humor on his social media. And his hilarious tweets about Thor show exactly why he's one of the most charming directors out there right now.

His Birthday Wishes For Chris Hemsworth

Waititi tweeted out a heartfelt message for Hemsworth, who starred in his film as the titular Thor. The funniest part of the whole thing is the juxtaposition of the message with Hemsworth giving the director the finger in the background.

His Joke About Thor: Ragnarok's Runtime

Waititi couldn't help but joke around when the running time for Thor: Ragnarok was revealed. When it was said that the runtime was two hours and ten minutes long, he tweeted that viewers would be stuck viewing way too many credits. Thankfully, he's only joking.

He Showed Hemsworth Keeping It "Rizzle"

Waititi once again joked around regarding his pal Hemsworth. In reference to a photo showing the Australian actor with no shoes on inside of a restaurant, the director tweeted that he's just keeping it "rizzle". These two are alway hilarious together.

He Made This Joke About Jeff Goldblum

When Uproxx tweeted about Waititi's Facebook Live event with Thor: Ragnarok costar Jeff Goldblum, the director turned the tables with the above quip. Wonder what the actor has to say about about meeting his "hero".

He Tweeted About Hemsworth's "Prank"

Waititi snapped this photo of Thor's hammer, which was placed on a toilet. Thor's hammer can only be carried by someone who's worthy of it (aka really only himself and a handful of other superheroes), meaning that Waititi is out of luck here since he won't be able to lift the hammer in order to gain access to the toilet. That's a cruel "prank", Hemsworth.

He Can Strike Right Back At The Haters

Someone asked the director (jokingly?) whether they could hate Thor: Ragnarok without even watching it. Waititi actually answered back with this amazing reply. He can totally have a sense of humor about silly situations (and even sillier comments).

He Confused A Couple Of Aussies

No one in the Thor: Ragnarok cast is safe from their director's humor, not even Cate Blanchett. Waititi joked in a caption for an image of Blanchett with, that he loved to work with "Naomi Watts".

His "Original" Poster Design For His Film

Honestly, it's probably for the best that Waititi's "poster" was rejected. He tweeted the silly mock-up for his Thor film and the picture pretty much says it all.

He's Planning On Making A Funny Change To His Film

Waititi tweeted that he would make this hilarious addition to Thor: Ragnarok on the DVD release. He later tweeted, "You think I'm joking..." in reference to this change. Please make this happen!

He Tweeted How He Felt About His Stars

Waititi couldn't help but joke about his relationship with two of the stars of Thor: Ragnarok. He said, in reference to a photo with Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, that they made him think about "quitting" during the filming of he movie. There's no way he's serious about this statement, as from all of his tweets about the cast and the movie show, the crew seems to get along great.

These tweets show that he's not only an awesome director, but he has a funny bone to boot. Keep those tweets comin', Waititi.