These Are The Tank Tops Kylie & Kim Wear ALL The Time

Tank Air

When it's hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, the last thing you want to do is worry about your wardrobe. But Tank Air makes bare-minimum outfits feel like your most stylish picks yet. Tank Air tank tops (offered in sizes XS to XL) are the answer to all of your summer heatwave prayers, bringing you chic looks with a minimum of fuss.

Tank Air is a new sustainable, slow fashion brand who has clients like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. The brand first launched with a line of body hugging jumpsuits, which is what first caught the Kardashian-Jenner family's attention. Now Tank Air is expanding into tank tops, and these body skimming, luxurious tanks will be the only thing you will want to live in this summer.

Designer Clare Robertson-Macleod believes that design is a conduit for mindset. The clothes you wear will make you feel a specific kind of way. "We design clothing to elicit a state of being: bold without being loud, sophisticated without being boring, and playful without losing depth," Tank Air's site reads.

Robertson-Macleod grew up in both Bangkok and London, and her label's '90s aesthetic is inspired by hand-me-downs that her mom gave her while growing up. "I started receiving hand-me-downs from my mom when I was around 17 years old," Robertson-Macleod shares with Bustle. "The hand-me-downs really inspired the types of fabrics I’m drawn to and the construction of our pieces. I’m inspired more by the details than the actual designs themselves.”

The label also focuses on sustainability and human rights. The clothes are designed and manufactured in L.A., where Robertson-Macleod has a close relationship with all of her seamstresses, pattern makers, and fabric cutters. There is no middle man in her business, allowing Robertson-Macleod to ensure that everyone has safe working conditions, is paid fairly, and is treated with respect.

In order to ensure that there is minimum waste while creating these collections, Tank Air strives to use as much of its materials as possible, and recycle anything that is left over.

You might also notice that Tank Air has a minimalist amount of choices. There is a reason for that. "As a small team, we would rather focus on quality over quantity. We want to make sure that everything we put out is up to the standard of what we believe Tank Air is," Robertson-Macleod shares. "So we release pieces when they are ready. As time goes on we may put out more, but it will always be at a pace which allows for the best possible design and construction."

Tank Air's new tank top line features two different shirt options. There are the sleeveless tops made from neoprene, and sporty tanks made from stretch jersey. One of the things that sets these tanks apart from the rest is how body forming they are. There will be no loose, underarm gaps that let your bra peek out. The underarm portion won't ever become loose and warped, giving you a misshapen look when it becomes sweaty and hot outside. Instead, these luxury tanks will stay close to the body, giving you a minimalist but elegant aesthetic. Shop the new collection below, and see just why the Kardashian-Jenners are such big fans.

Crew Neck Sleeveless Top

Made from a heavy-weight, stretch neoprene, the tank has a soft and cushiony feel. The back has a zipper going down the length of the top, ensuring a snug fit. This sleeveless top is only available in black.

Tank Air Tank Top

For those who live in nothing but white tees all summer, consider upgrading to this sleek silhouette. The tank is cut from the label's signature heavy-weight, ultra soft and stretchy, suede jersey. It feels butter soft to the touch, and hugs every curve. This particular one comes in the color "Milk."

Tank Air Tank Top

For those who like to wear black all year long, the Tank Air Tank Top also comes in a black color option with a white piping contrast. It has a vague sporty flair.

All three tops are sleek additions to any summer wardrobe rotation. Wear them to anything from festivals to brunch dates, and know you will look good throughout the day.