Taraji P. Henson Was Asked To Do A Cardi B Impression On Video & She Was SO Ready

by Stephanie Downs

One can always count on Taraji P. Henson to bring the hilarity. In one of her latest interviews, whilst promoting her new film Acrimony, she did just that with an impression of a particular popular figure. Taraji P. Henson did a Cardi B impression, as BuzzFeed noted, and basically, it will be the best thing you'll see all day.

During the interview with Clevver News, Henson was asked about her love of the "Bodak Yellow" artist. And, because she's one of the best actors out there, the interviewer asked if she could try her hand at a Cardi B impression. Henson did not hesitate at all before she broke into her impression of the rapper. It definitely seems like she'd practiced her Cardi before.

If you weren't looking at the video, you might have thought that it was actually Cardi B breaking into her classic laugh. Seriously, Henson sounded so spot-on as the rapper, and even threw in a signature Cardi "okurrr" for good measure. The actor's impression drew laughs from the reporter and her co-star, Lyriq Bent (and likely will from every viewer). And she had some fun with the impression, too, as the whole thing made her break into her own fit of laughs. Check out the hilarity for yourself around the 4:30 mark in the video below.

Apparently, Henson was able to do such a great Cardi because she's been a fan of the 25-year-old since she first came on the scene. In June 2017, the actor expressed how much of a fan she was in an Instagram comment on one of Cardi B's posts. In her comment, she wrote, "SHINE BABY SHINE!!!!" She then told the rapper that she was a fan of hers way back when Cardi only had 70,000 followers (she currently has over 20 million) and that she loved her because of her "REALNESS". Henson also wrote to the performer, "LOOK AT YOU NOW!!! Proud of you!!! Keep puttin in that WERK you WILL collect your [awards]."

The love was mutual, as Cardi screenshot the comment and posted it to all of her many followers, with her own wonderfully positive caption. She wrote that Henson's kind words meant "sooo much" to her and that it even made her a little emotional. Cardi also said that the actor's comment would inspire her to "go harder and harder."

That wasn't the last loving moment between the two on social media. In August 2017, Henson once again told Cardi to keep shining, which occurred after the release of DRAM's "Cute" remix featuring the former Love and Hip Hop: New York star. Once again, the "Be Careful" artist responded to the Acrimony star's sweet words. She told Henson, "Thank you sooo much for the loves."

The love didn't stop there, folks. In an interview with First We Feast, the actor was asked what Cookie Lyon from Empire would think of some of the rising stars in the hip-hop industry today. And she did not hesitate to say that Cardi would definitely join the imaginary "Empire Entertainment" (a recording label and studio in the show).

When the interviewer showed her a photo of Cardi, she said, "Oh! She's signed, baby. Sign her right away!" And by the way, Henson was definitely the most excited about "signing" Cardi out of all of the acts she was asked about (which included Lil Xan and Lil Pump). Henson talks Cardi at the 3:45 mark in the below video.

So, Henson's been a fan of Cardi's for a long time at this point. And her recent impression was a fun way to show off just how much of a fan she really is. Seeing as how the two funny ladies have had a back-and-forth before, maybe Cardi will respond to this latest hilarious impression sometime soon.