Photo: Keith Morrison; Design: Bry Crasch/Bustle.

Target Just Dropped A Mickey Mouse Collab — Here's Proof That It's Not Just For Kids

No matter if you personally identify as a Disney fanatic or if you're a more casual observer of pop culture happenings, I'm willing to bet you can't help but feel a hefty dose of joy any time you spot good ol' Mickey Mouse out in the wild. Being the beacon of childhood fun and imagination that he is, even a quick sighting of Mickey Mouse's likeness emblazoned on a passerby's T-shirt or imprinted on a co-worker's mug has the tendency to put a smile on your face. Lucky for us all, Target has released the ultimate collab just in time for summer — starring none other than "The True Original," Mickey Mouse.

The collection of products spans everything you could possibly need to have a summer full of nostalgia and wonder, but I for one am most jazzed about their playful line of on-trend clothing. From closet staples like chambray pants with a subtle Mickey nod, to wear-it-with-anything graphic tees you'll be living in all summer, this adorable line has everything a Mickey Mouse lover needs to give their summer wardrobe a cheerful overhaul.

To prove that this collection isn't just for kids, Bustle teamed up with Target and a few Mickey Mouse fans to show off some of our favorite pieces from the collab. Check out their looks for yourself below, and let their memories motivate you to stock up on your favorite pieces before they're gone.

A Romper That'll Pair Perfectly With Your Favorite Tops

Photos: Keith Morrison; Design: Bry Crasch/Bustle.

"I work in fashion retail and we’re selling so many rompers right now, but this one especially is just so cute! It’s easy to layer under, and I think a patterned button down or a stripped tee is the perfect easy outfit for summer. Plus, the Mickey Mouse embroidery adds an adorable dash of nostalgia that gives me some serious summer break playground vibes." —Sarah

Shop the Mickey Mouse rug and the romper Sarah is rocking.

Graphic Tees That'll Remind You Of Happy Times

Photos: Keith Morrison; Design: Bry Crasch/Bustle.

“Mickey Mouse has been a huge part of my life since I was a kid! I even have pictures of myself and my dance team from when I was five years old, with all of us doing a routine decked out in full-on Mickey attire. Now as a mom, I love instilling a love of fun and good times in my son Zachary, who’s two. I know if I wore this outfit out on a trip to the park with him, he’d see the cute Mickey silhouette and it would instantly put both of us in such a happy mood!” —Chané

Shop Chané's Good Times tee.

A Go-To Summer Outfit With A Light-Hearted Twist

Photos: Keith Morrison; Design: Bry Crasch/Bustle.

"To me, summertime is all about fun. Growing up, I used to spend my entire summers outside riding bikes and playing with friends, and now as an adult I'm always camping, hiking, and swimming when it's nice out. This crisp, easy button-down and shorts with a pair of boat shoes is the perfect go-to for summer in the city, and the Mickey embroidery is a great reminder to just have fun!" —Weston

Shop the button-down and matching shorts here if you want to look as Mickey-fied as Weston.

Chambray Pants You Can Pair With Anything

Photos: Keith Morrison; Design: Bry Crasch/Bustle.

"I'm from Orlando, so obviously I'm a Disney and Mickey Mouse fan until the end. I mean, Mickey is iconic! The second you seem him, you know what it’s about — it’s joy and it’s happiness. I think these pants are so cute, and I know my friends would love them too. The little Mickey is super subtle, and reminds me of all of the hidden Mickey Mouse ears in the Disney parks — I still love looking for those even now as an adult!" —Jasmine

Shop Jasmin's pennant and the chambray pants she's wearing.

Photos: Keith Morrison; Makeup: Ashleigh Ciucci; Hair: Adam Maclay; Wardrobe Styling: Annebet Duvall; Art Direction: Bry Crasch/Bustle; Production: Kat Fry/Bustle.

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