Target Will Stock Dylan’s Candy Bar For Valentine’s Day & The Deal Couldn’t Be Sweeter

You know what's sweeter than love? The candy aisle. To be more specific, Target's candy aisle — this coming Valentine's Day. Cult favorite Dylan's Candy Bar is coming to Target for Valentine's Day, according to Refinery29, and the deal couldn't be sweeter. If you didn't have plans for this upcoming Valentine's Day, you do now. A romantic dinner date can be reserved any time of the year. Dylan's Candy Bar Valentine treats, however, will only be in Target for a limited time. Needless to say, this takes precedence over all your other Valentines plans. It's not like you can't get dressed up for a romantic stroll through Target.

The candy aisle is essentially a tunnel of love. I personally consider it a Lover's Lane for those with a sweet tooth. The best part is that it doesn't matter if you're partnered up, still swiping, or happily solo. You don't need to be struck by cupid's arrow to stock up on bags upon bags upon hearts of chocolates. Anyone can enjoy the sights and offerings of this aisle. Whether you're gifting a candy necklace to your boo or ~literally~ treating yourself this Valentine's Day, you can't go wrong with the sweet assortments provided by Dylan's Candy Bar. You won't find these 14 new exclusive treats anywhere else but Target so climb aboard the love train and make your way to your nearest store.


Dylan's Candy Bar is a Candyland-esque factory of joy for our generation. Think a palace of candy complete with candy tiled stairs. That's what you'll see when you visit the tourist frequented Manhattan location. This favored candy shop has stores in Manhattan, East Hampton, NY, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. But, if you are close to a Target than one of those mentioned cities, you'll finally get to break off a piece of Dylan's Candy Bar.

According to a spokesperson for Target, the collection will feature everything you could ever dream of, "from whimsical candy necklaces to unique gummy mixes." Forget a diamond necklace. Ask your loved one for a necklace glistening because of sugar. Delectable items in the collection include the Ice Cream and Donut Plush With Gummy Candy, Rectangle Tackle Box with Candy, 3D Heart Box With Chocolate and Double Stacking Mug With Cocoa. All of the sweet treats are perfect to share or, you know, cuddle up with in front of your favorite Nicholas Sparks novel turned major motion picture.

If the candy alone isn't appealing enough, the price range for all 14 exclusive Dylan's Candy Bar treats is from $1.99 to $9.99. And you thought this deal couldn't be any sweeter! You can explore the rest of the colorful collection at your nearest Target store or pick out your Valentine date online at


I think it's safe to say that candy consumed during any hour of the day is totally acceptable around this time of year. A box of chocolate hearts becomes much less a treat reserved for after dinner and much more like a socially acceptable companion. It's that time again to embrace Valentine's Day. If not for the heavy aroma of all the bouquets of roses being toted around town, then most definitely for the candy necklaces.

Thanks to this harmonious union between Target and Dylan's Candy Bar, everyone's Valentine's Day plans just got a lot more full. My heart, to be honest, feels full with this news. It doesn't matter if you're attached at the hip to your love or enjoying the single life, if you're craving something sweet this Valentine's Day, schedule a run or two to Target in your iCal. The Dylan's Candy Bar exclusive candy for Target is available in stores and online now.