Target Just Launched 'Golden Girls' Costumes For All 4 Icons

by Mia Mercado
Toynk's "Golden Girls" Halloween Costumes. Credit: Target

If you’ve traveled down a road and back again in search of a solid Halloween costume, perhaps you should hit up everyone’s favorite friend, Target. Beyond the rows of Things You Don’t Need But Will Spend Money On and the temptress that is the dollar section, Target has Golden Girls Halloween costumes. They’re cute. They’re sassy. They’re exactly what you would expect from costumes modeled after our four favorite girls.

Available on for a little less than $70 each, you have your pick of which character best suits your style. The hardest part will, of course, be figuring out if you are more a Rose, a Dorothy, a Blanche, or a Sophia. Rose’s costume includes a very Rose-style floral print dress, a classic faux pearl necklace, and matching faux pearl clip-on earrings. If you’re dressing as Dorothy, your costume will include a black and white patterned blazer with an attached white shirt, black pants with an elastic waist (a very Dorthy pants enclosure), a gold lame scarf, and oval costume jewelry clip-on earrings.

Are you emotionally prepared for Blanche’s costume? It’s a red, sleeveless, v-neck jumpsuit, baby. It also comes with a floral patterned blazer (that has shoulder pads, obviously), gold costume jewelry clip-on earrings and a costume jewelry necklace. Last but in absolutely no way least is Sophia’s costume. It involves a floral print dress featuring a cameo broach and, la pièce de résistance, a pair of glasses with a faux pearl glasses chain. Imagine yourself, at the club, getting the heck down to some trap remix of “Monster Mash” while wearing chained glasses. That’s heaven, folks.

Each costume comes in four adult sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Are they the kind of costumes you could likely find at your local thrift shop? Sure. If nothing else, Target's will be a good back-up if you can't find the perfect Rose dress or Blanche's jumpsuit.

There are a few key pieces not included in the costumes, namely shoes, wigs, and Sophia’s bag. Thankfully, we have the internet. Thus, all costume pieces are possible.

These costumes come courtesy of toy retailer Toynk. If you think these four costumes are their only Golden Girls pieces...this must be your first internet. The site’s Golden Girls selection includes t-shirts, calendars, buttons, socks, you name it. Basically, anything you can print four women’s faces onto, Toynk has available online. Before you start digging through the depths of Amazon for Sophia’s bag or a realistic Rose wig, Toynk has you covered. You can by a wig modeled after one of the eponymous Golden Girls for $23.99. If you and your friends are going to go as the whole ensemble, you’ll likely want to spring for the four-pack of Golden Girls wigs which includes all four character wigs for $78.99. Plus, you’ll save about $17 if you buy the whole pack.

Toynk even has Sophia’s wicker bag available online for $23.99. “Have you ever wanted a free pass to be as ornery with your friends as you like?” the product description asks as if it doesn’t already know the answer.

The full costumes are also available on Toynk’s website and all appear to be the same price as including Rose’s costume, which is discounted on both sites. For some reason, if you want to dress up as Rose, you'll only have to pay $53.99. This, in no way, should be read as Betty White’s character being $25 less important. We all know who the real star of the show is. (JK, it’s Sophia.)

If you really want to go full Golden Girls, carry around a cheesecake all night. It’d be like reverse trick-or-treating or trick-or-treating on the go. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until 2020 for the official Golden Girls cookbook, which is sure to have a cheesecake recipe of four. In the meantime, you can grab a cheesecake from Target while you’re there looking for the perfect Golden Girls shoes.