Target Is Selling A Whole Line Of Spooky Cute Halloween Succulents For $4 Or Less


Halloween is coming, and if you prefer cute-spooky over spooky-spooky, Target has just the thing for you. As pointed out by Best Products, Target will be selling Halloween succulents. What is a "Halloween succulent", you ask? Why it's a tiny little plant in a tiny festive plant pot, of course.

Now, depending on your plant preferences and plant caretaking abilities, you will either love or hate that these succulents are faux. As you'll see, with some of them it is much more apparent that the plants are fake (the felt one with an eyeball, for instance), but some of them are meant to look realistic. The little decorations could work well at home or for a desk in an office, and the fact that they are fake means they could be used year after year.

The succulents are part of Target's Hyde & Eek! Boutique, which includes all of the chain's Halloween items, from decor to costumes to candy. There are also subcategories of the Hyde & Eek! Boutique, including the Pumpkin Parlour Halloween Décor Collection — for anyone going for a strong pumpkin theme — and the Ghoulish Garden Halloween Décor Collection — for anyone who wants their decor to lean more Little Shop of Horrors.

Here are some of the succulents — or, "succulents" — that will be available soon.

White Skull With Blue Plant

This little guy is a ceramic skull planter with a blue and purple plant. And, really, if you like skeletons, this one wouldn't have to be specifically for Halloween. (On that note, if you really like Halloween, none of them would have to be specifically for the holiday.)

Cat With Orange Plant

A cute black cat with an orange succulent that doesn't look very real, but is still far from the least realistic one of these available.

Ghost With Red & Green Plant

Here's one that looks more like an actual plant. This smiley ghost has a green and reddish succulent that just might trick anyone who comes nearby into thinking it's real. Boo!

Pumpkin With Green Plant

This pumpkin might be the cutest of the bunch, and its plant looks sort of like an echeveria elegans, to get all technical.

Black Skull With Red Plant

This one sort of looks like Darth Vader, which, for some, will just be an added bonus.

Black Pumpkin With Eyeball

Now, moving on to a couple of the stranger plants... which don't even qualify as plants as much as the fake ones above did. For this one, the plant is made out of felt and you won't be fooling anyone as to whether it's real.

Orange Pumpkin With Venus Flytrap

This one might be the scariest, because venus flytraps are so creepy. And look, it just ate something that contained bones!

While none of these are for sale just yet, they should all be available to purchase soon if you want to make your life more festive for fall. You can find the full collection here.