You Can Buy A Mini Haunted House For Your Cat At Target

by Mia Mercado
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Have you ever gotten your cat a toy only to have them more interested in the box in which it came? Finally, there may be a gift that outsmarts even the finickiest of cats because Target is selling haunted houses for cats. In other words, it’s a Halloween-themed box designed for your cats to play in. (However, you will have to hide the box that it comes in so they don’t get distracted.)

In honor of everyone’s favorite spooky season, Target has stocked it’s Hyde & EEK! Boutique with all things Halloween. Even your pet can take part in the festivities with products like this haunted house-themed cat scratcher available on for $16.99. “Frightful and delightful, the Deluxe Haunted Mansion from Boots & Barkley is where your pet will be wanting to spend all her time,” the product description states. “It’s two stories of entertainment, with a spacious cove on the bottom complete with scratch pad built into the floor. The perfect perch to keep an eye on the room is up above. Even better, the entire set assembles in just a few easy steps.” The description also notes that haunting spirits are not included “but your cats will have a scary amount of fun nonetheless.”

While it’s big enough for your cats to have plenty of room to scratch and lie around, it won’t turn your living room into the Haunted Cat Hotel. It stands at just under two-feet tall and is 19.4 inches long by 17.5 inches wide. Per pictures on the box, Target’s website, and already across Instagram, the scratcher can comfortably fit at least two cats.

Cats and cat owners alike seem to be fans of the haunted house scratcher. With over 50 reviews on Target, it’s currently got five stars. The house, which is made of cardboard printed with orange and black haunted house-themed designs, appears to be pretty durable. None of the reviews mention their cat tearing it to shreds too easily or quickly. Some have dubbed it “the best purchase you will ever make for your cat!” Others have noted that “assembly is easy,” provided you read the instructions, and it was “definitely worth the price and the impulsive target [sic] run.” Other reviews still tell the story that is watching their cats romp around in the play haunted house.

“Cinnamon likes to rub against the chimneys. Nova likes to bring her toys to the bottom layer. They both love using the scratch pads and taking naps here!” one person wrote accompanied by a handful of pictures of their cat sitting atop the cardboard house, peering through the tiny window openings.

If the internet has got you down, may I suggest perusing the review section of this Halloween cat scratcher? Or scrolling through #targetcathouse and #targetcatscratcher on Instagram? It’s just hundreds of photos of cats chilling tiny haunted houses, poking their little paws out the perforated windows. It is the cat-centric online mecca you seek.

Last year, Target had holiday-themed cat scratchers if you want to go down a real rabbit hole of “seasonal goodies for your feline friends.” There was a Hot Cocoa Double Decker Cat scratcher, essentially the at-home version of a cat cafe. There was also Santa’s Cat Scratcher, which imagined Santa’s toy shop as a tiny home for cats (just as lore intended). Unfortunately, these holiday scratchers are no longer available online on Target’s website. You’ll just have to wait to see if they bring them back this holiday season.

In the meantime, you can keep your cats entertained with the haunted house cat scratcher. Happy spooky season to you and your four-legged friends.

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