Target's SUPER Cute New Makeup Line Is All Under $15 & You Need To See The PIGMENT

In today’s beauty climate, makeup can be pricey, but many drug store beauty brands have stood their ground by providing quality products that surpass expectations. The new Makeup Obsession line that just dropped at Target proves even more that drugstore makeup products can still have shelf space in the beauty cabinet.

Makeup Obsessions is a London-based brand that sells beauty products to give makeup lovers a bang of pigment for their buck. The entire line of products just dropped at Target and the fact that every single product in the collection is under $15 is sure to have beauty lovers dashing to the personal care aisle.

The line of products carries products a makeup lover needs to have a smooth base, such as finishing powders, eyebrow pomades, and primers for redness, blurring, or to leave a matte finish. Makeup Obsessions also offers a plethora of pigmented products like highlighters, concealers, lip gloss, and the most insane eyeshadow palettes.

Palettes like the ones in the Makeup Obsessions line leave the empowering messages a person needs to read before going for a bold eye makeup look. There are nine eyeshadow palettes being sold on Target’s site including the Be The Game Changer, Be Passionate About, and the All We Have Is Now Palettes.

Everything in the line is already available on Target’s site and retails between $4.99 and $14.99. Here are some of the best picks in this fun (and affordable) makeup line.

Makeup Obsession All We Have Is Now Eyeshadow Palette

As one of the most vibrant eyeshadow palettes in this collection, the All We Have Is Now palette comes equipped with an assortment of 12 matte and shimmer eyeshadows that feature warm and neutral tones. Plus, the palette comes with a mirror, so users can grab an eyeshadow brush and go.

Makeup Obsession Brow Pomade

The Brow Pomade in this collection is more like an eyebrow kit. The package comes with the pomade in five different shades as well as a dual ended brush for lifting and blending in product.

Makeup Obsession Lipgloss

There are 12 lip gloss shades in the Makeup Obsessions lineup that are perfect for an ideal rosy lip. Fans can expect peachy nudes, blush tones, reds and pinks for a perfect glossy pout.

Makeup Obsession Game Set Matte Mattifying Primer

This mattifying primer says "peace out" to unwanted oily shine. The primer is silicone based and allows the wearer to rock makeup without it slipping or sliding throughout the day.

Makeup Obsessions Highlighter

Fans who dig a highlighter brighter than the sun can be enamored with the beam this Makeup Obsessions highlighter. Shoppers can choose from Mega Destiny, a peachy shade, Mega Honey, a honey shade, Mega Karma, a deep bronze, Mega Lightning, a striking champagne color, Mega Metal, a medium bronze, and Mega Moon, a purple iridescent shade.

Makeup Obsession Fix & Glow Spray Moon

This floral-scented Fix & Glow Spray leaves an iridescent shimmer that shifts in the light as a lilac hue helps brighten complexion, while also leaving the face refreshed.

Those who are truly makeup obsessed are always looking out for the next new drop to create a breathtaking face. the job done under $15.