Target May Have Just Won Halloween

by Kaitlyn Wylde

I'm really sorry for brining up Halloween when you're probably sitting at your desk looking forward to your end-of-summer beach plans, but Target's new Halloween collection is so cute (and randomly chic?!) that you're going to start looking forward to fall long before the beach days end. I promise I'm not trying to kill your summer buzz, but honestly, it won't hurt to just take a quick peek at some adorable and spooky items from the collection, will it? A little pre-season browsing never hurt anyone.

When you hear "halloween decor," you probably think: cheap, disposable, and cheesy. Now, scratch that from your associations, because this Target collection is entirely cheese-free. It's like, Halloween for adults. Some of the items are so cute that you'll consider keeping them around long after Halloween: Like a day of the dead table runner — why not! A bat candelabra, sure! They're so cleverly crafted to look like regular decor that they don't scream seasonal. There's no sign of "Happy Halloween" on anything, which puts you in the clear if you do choose to keep the decor up past the holiday. You run zero risk of becoming that person who leaves the Christmas tree up well into the spring and makes all of their neighbors wonder if they're OK.

You'll just have to see it all to believe it. Here are some of my favorites from the most adult collections — there are still some classic family Halloween pieces that are very seasonal, if that's what you're into — because I'm all about the chic spooks:

Day Of The Dead Wreath


This colorful piece will look awesome on a door or used on a table as a setting decoration.

Day of the Dead Felt Wreath, $20, Target

Eyeball Crystal Ball


It's kinda spooky, but it's also just cool looking. Personally, I'd keep this on my desk year-round.

Animated Crystal Eyeball, $15, Target

Cat Skeleton


I love this. It's not grim, it looks more like some character Tim Burton would have thought up for a movie.

Cat Skeleton Small, $15, Target

Skull Projector


I mean, I guess this LED skull projector is pretty Halloween-ish, but I'm sure someone out there would be cool with having this around year-round, too.

Rotating Skull Projector With LED Bulbs, $25, Target

Beware Light Sign


Yup, I want this in my window all the days of the year.

24'' Halloween Light Sign, $25, Target

Gothic Wreath


Sure, it's dark, it's kinda spooky, but it's also kinda chic.

Floral Wreath Black, $20, Target

Skeleton Garland


I don't know if this makes me weird, but this garland of fake bones is like the cutest thing I've ever seen on the internet. But also very serial killer-y and creepy, I guess.

Skeleton Garland, $10, Target

Spirit Tray


Oh heck yes! A game and a serving tray in one? Yes please!!!

Spirit Serving Board Tray, $20, Target

Appetizer Plates


These spooky gothic plates are like grim-chic.

4pc Halloween Appetizer Plates, $10, Target

Skull Candle Holders


These colorful cute little skull candle holders are so festive and perfect for sprucing up any dinner table.

Day of the Dead Candle Holders, $20, Target

Table Runner


If you mix this with non-Halloween table decor, you can totally get away with using this year round.

Day of the Dead Table Runner, $12, Target

Alligator Skull


Would this not make the best desk top accessory?!

Alligator Skull, $15, Target

Bat Candelabra


I want to be the kind of badass woman who has a bat candelabra when I grow up.

Metal Bat Candelabra, $12, Target