13 Items From Target’s New Winter Collection That Will Make Your House A Hygge Wonderland

by Mika Doyle

Life might seem a little less than exciting after the holidays are over. The weather is still cruddy, the days are still long, and most holiday get-togethers have come to an end. Luckily Target's new Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Winter Collection drops Dec. 26, and everything looks beyond hygge.

Hygge (pronounced hue-ga) is a Danish concept that can't exactly be translated directly into English, but it basically means this feeling of cozy contentment because you're enjoying the simple things in life, according to Country Living. Meik Wiking, the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, told Country Living that hygge is so important to native Danes that it's "a defining feature of our cultural identity and an integral part of the national DNA."

So what's considered hygge? The list is pretty endless, but Country Living says some top examples are sweatpants, candles, fireplaces, throw blankets, and hot drinks. What's not hygge? Being glued to your smartphone and strict rules are especially un-hygge-like, says Country Living.

That's what makes Hearth & Hand With Magnolia's latest collection so darn hygge. It's brimming with hygge as heckc items that will bring feelings of coziness to your life, like mugs, throw blankets, and even faux foliage that will bring the outdoors right to you. These are some of my favorite hygge picks from the new collection:

1. These Cozy White Mugs

2. This Stoneware Dessert Bowl

3. This Citrus-Scented Bergamot Candle

4. This Fluffy Throw Blanket

5. This Splash Of Floral

6. This Nostalgia-Inducing Vase

7. This Empowering Piece of Decor

8. This Long Lumbar Pillow

9. This Cushiony Floor Pouf

10. This Mindful Wall Banner

11. This Nap-Friendly Comforter Set

12. This Inviting Stoneware Pitcher

13. This Book-worthy Floor Lamp

Hygge ultimately can't be bought because it's all about being in the moment. It's really a feeling that you experience. But Target's latest collection will undoubtedly help you get closer to hygge by connecting you to the simpler things in life.