Target Has A New Home Collection & It’s Straight Out Of Your Hipster Minimalist Dreams

Loving Target has become so commonplace that it's no longer a unique thing to brag about. You're obsessed with Target? So is everyone else. Much like caffeine or napping, it's one of those things most of us have in common — and the store has given us yet another reason to stan. Target's new Made By Design collection is the home decor situation you didn't know you needed. There are more than 750 pieces, and they're all created with your social media ~aesthetic~ in mind. Target's official press release about the collection mentions "daydreaming about one of those Insta-worthy, not-a-thread-out-of-place closets." It's a smart move — who can turn down an enviable home that looks perfect in photographs and doesn't cost a fortune? The collection will be available in stores and online Saturday, June 23.

It's also surprisingly affordable. Most items in the collection clock in at under $30, which is comparable to other low-cost, attractive homegoods brands. This collection emphasizes minimalist style at a bargain, which isn't always easy to attain. "Made By Design is the ultimate expression of our DNA — a commitment to the democratization of impeccable design," Mark Tritton, Target's executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, said in the press release. Thanks to the price point per item being relatively low, more people will be able to shop in Target's home section.

If you normally go for bold colors, this release probably won't be your favorite. It's neutral to a fault — the brightest thing in the bedding section is reddish-orange bedding. For one, it's hard to complain about neutral blankets and silver pots. But for another, this is a collection that makes sense for people who are still figuring out their sense of style, especially if you're moving into a new place and don't want to invest a ton of money at high-end furniture stores. Based on the lookbook, most of the items are inoffensive shades of white, gray and tan. Target says it conducted research on its customers and found that people are looking for everyday items that are high quality and won't break the bank.

Made By Design feels different from other recent collections from Target, like the Hearth and Hand collaboration with home improvement stars Chip and Joanna Gaines. Instead of a subtle emphasis on exclusivity, the brand is now stressing products that are accessible to everyone. It sounds like a strategy that'll sell well — as much as I love to drool over Target's $35 woven baskets and $90 floor lamps, I can't justify spending money on things I don't actually need.

The brand also says it wanted to avoid the everyday headaches that all of us deal with, and some of the solutions are pretty genius. One example: The soap dispenser twists open at the widest part, so there's no mess when you're refilling it. It's a simple change, but one that makes life a little bit easier. You aren't likely to see long lines outside of Target on launch day, but that's part of what makes it appealing. The products from the home decor line feel intentionally unremarkable, which means less hype and more affordability.

A ridiculously popular Instagram account with the handle @targetdoesitagain tracks all of the worthwhile things to buy at the store, but the phrase "Target does it again" applies to pretty much everything the brand touches. Made By Design is the perfect solution to anyone who wants to have bare walls and all-white rooms without spending big bucks, and we'll all find ourselves wandering the aisles of Target and sticking items in our carts after the launch.