Target’s Project 62 Spring Collection Is What Minimalist Dreams Are Made Of

If you can't tell from the magic in the air, spring is officially here, and that means your favorite brands are rolling out fresh lineups for the ~season~. Target's Project 62 spring collection is now available, and y'all, it is what your Instagram-ready dreams are made of. Project 62 is a blend of minimalist and midcentury modern, with tons of pieces spanning from full furniture sets to curtains to flatware to lamps. It literally has everything, and I want to make a preemptive apology to your wallet, because it might cry a little after you get a look at the full Project 62 lineup.

Target's executive vice president and chief merchandising officer Mark Tritton gave Architectural Digest a look at the collection when it first launched back in August 2017, explaining that Project 62 (and three other upcoming Home brands from Target) is in response to customers' desire to have mix-and-match styles. "We created Project 62 for people who are passionate about modern design at a great value, with thoughtfully designed, approachable pieces for everyday life," Tritton told Architectural Digest.

If there's one thing Project 62 definitely is, it's mix-and-match-able. The pieces are all beautiful and unique, but still designed to be neutral enough that virtually any of them, from the wall hangings to the shower curtains to the place mats, will fit with virtually any decor scheme you've already got going on.

Here's a look at some Project 62 pieces that blend functionality, beauty, and versatility.

1Loring Writing Desk

Loring Writing Desk


This desk is the minimalist (and space-saving) writer's dream: big enough to fit a laptop, hidden storage drawers for your pens and Post-Its, and, of course, the all-important bar at the bottom, which we all know is exclusively for resting your feet.

2Mid-Century Metal Wall Décor

Mid-Century Metal Wall Décor Gold 36x30"


Project 62 really spoils us with wall decor, and this piece, though definitely midcentury modern, almost has a cyberpunk feel to it. Basically, no matter what you're into, this one stands a good chance of looking seriously excellent on your wall.

3Southport 3pc Wicker Motion Patio Chat Set

Southport 3pc Wicker Motion Patio Chat Set


OK, I know this is technically a patio set, but it's so frikken' adorable it could go anywhere. And if the chairs didn't give you enough of that comfy country vibe by themselves, the barrel-shaped table definitely will.

4Tinted Gel Framed Wall Canvas

Structure 4pc Tinted Gel Framed Wall Canvas 21 X 27 X 5


Like I said: Nailing it with the wall decor. You get four pieces in this set, and they're perfect for adding a splash of textured color that doesn't come off obnoxious. Best of all, they can all be arranged on one wall, or placed in separate rooms to add a unifying theme to your entire living space.

5Menlo Glass Globe Desk Lamp

Menlo Glass Globe Desk Lamp


Guys. I'm in love. Again, this piece is totally midcentury, but it could just as easily be found in your grandfather's library (if your grandfather was the grandfather from The Parent Trap). It's simplistic but beautiful, and chill enough that it matches literally any other decor.

6Glass Wine Decanter with Wood Stopper

Glass Wine Decanter with Wood Stopper


So, yes, I know the decanter thing can be a little too hipster. But this one is cheap and super gorgeous, and there's just something aesthetically pleasing about a completely round stopper. Plus, this has tons of other uses — you could use it as a cheap desk water carafe or, heck, you could even use this for a tall plant (though with that one, you'd have to sacrifice the pièce de résistance stopper).

7Tier Curtains

Curtains Tier Stripe Gray


Seeing these was the moment I realized I was seriously in trouble with this collection. Half curtains are sadly underrated, IMO, but it looks like Project 62 is bringing 'em back. And bringing 'em back in style.

8Velvet Grid Stitch Quilt

Velvet Grid Stitch Quilt


Ahhh, millennial pink. Like any other red-blooded millennial, I just can't resist its siren call. This blanket is beautiful, and really amps up the velvety pastel vibe.

9Loring Storage Cube

Loring Storage Cube


As someone living in a small space, I'm all about cute storage solutions, and this is one of them. Shove anything you want in it, and it's still absolutely adorable — and functional to boot.

10Letter Board

Letter Board With Letters


While lots of Project 62 pieces are a blend of fashion and function, this piece is just plain fun. But it is an excellent way to add a little personality to your space, especially if you're renting (or if you need a new way to tell your roommate that dishes don't do themselves).

11Stoneware Vases

Stoneware Vase Small - White/Gold


These vases are pretty much the epitome of Project 62 — old standbys like marble vases with splashes of new, trendy designs. These vases are beautiful and affordable, and eye-catching as heck.

12Kitchen Towel

Citrus Pear Vegetable Kitchen Towel


I couldn't resist, and I'm not sorry.

13Tilley Stoneware Dinnerware Set

Tilley Stoneware 16pc Dinnerware Set Black


Here's one of the sets that's almost purely function — but then again, who's not a sucker for rustic dish sets?

14Geo Triangles Doormat

Geo Triangles Doormat 1'6"x2'6"


Project 62 is catnip for people who like sophisticated neutrals, but it does offer some colorful pieces, and this doormat is one of them. Even if you're more of a cool-color person, dropping this outside your door can leave your guests will a colorful impression.

15Marble And Wood Bookend

Marble And Wood Bookend


I'm always on the lookout for new bookends, and these beautiful marble-and-wood blend ones are right up my alley. They're the height of minimalism, and that's exactly why they're so lovely.

No matter what your style, Project 62 has a piece to fit your lifestyle and your decor — which is both the beauty and the danger of it, since it's almost impossible to look over the collection without absolutely needing something from it. You win this round, Target!