Tarte's Famous Shape Tape Concealer Now Comes In 30 Shades

by Kali Borovic

Some items come into your makeup bag and become instant classics. Unfortunately, not everyone gets a chance to try them out. To help with that, Tarte expanded its Shape Tape Concealer line to include 30 shades.

Update: This post has been updated to reflect comment and clarification from Tarte.

Tarte started out its Shape Tape Concealer line with 14 shades. It took the brand a while, but Tarte has finally added 16 more shades to the lineup. The new shades are available right now exclusively on the Ulta website and will come to Tarte's site on Aug. 14.

According to the shades on the Tarte and Ulta website, the brand added a new lightest shade and darkest shade, and filled in the spectrum with 14 other new shades.

The new shades are available to purchase now for $27. That's $3 higher than its original starting point of $24, which is a sore spot for some consumers.

While adding to the Shape Tape Concealer line is a great thing, some fans think that the brand still has a while to go to be able to call itself inclusive based on first impressions.

Customer comments on the Tarte announcement by TrendMood, a popular makeup blog, make it clear that they're not blown away the new shades. People are commenting things like, "this shade range is still bad" and suggesting shades that the brand still needs in the collection.

Most customers leaving comments suggest black makeup lovers are left out of the shade range. But that might not be the case.

A Tarte representative tells Bustle the new shade breakdown means there will be 9 light shades, 10 medium shades, and 11 dark shades. The shade breakdown, shown on models of greatly varied skin tones, is show below.


Tarte is not the first brand to expand the shade range of its most coveted product. Plenty of brands have felt the pressure to expand, after Rihanna's Fenty Beauty wowed everyone and offered 40 foundation shades right off the bat. People are more aware than ever of brand's with limited shade ranges, and that includes Tarte's Shape Tape Foundation.

This shade expansion was only for the Shape Tape Concealer. The Shape Tape Foundation did not get any additional shades, and currently offers 18 shades for each formula.

Again, it's incredible to see brands stepping up and expanding shade ranges. When it comes to makeup, it's the more the merrier — as long as everyone's included.