This Goat Gave Birth To Twins During Goat Yoga & No, You’re Crying

It's possible that the only thing cuter than a session of goat yoga is witnessing the birth of goat babies during your yoga class. That's exactly what happened when Tassi the goat birthed twin goats during a goat-yoga class in Suwanee, Ga., the New York Times reported. While performing her regular goat-yoga duties, like walking on yogis mid-chaturanga, Tassi went into labor. Apparently, the twin baby goats, known as kids, wanted to make their debut during the Red Wagon Goats goat-yoga class.

According to the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "By the end of the class, it was clear Tassi was going to have her babies." Red Wagon Goats co-owner Megan Kibby reportedly asked fellow co-owner Jason Lewis to bring Tassi into the goat trailer to have her kids in private, "but as soon as he picked Tassi up, she started to push." After birthing one kid in front of the yoga class, the owners were stunned when a second goat followed. Lewis and Kibby named the new kids Storm and Sue-Anna, after the city of Suwanee, Georgia.

What's more, Tassi was not the first goat to go into labor in recent days as another goat named Emmy Lou gave birth to twins on Kibby's yoga mat the day before. "When one goat goes, they all go," Kibby told the Journal-Constitution. "It’s just sort of the hormones in the air. A lot of the time it’s around a full moon, but this time it wasn’t."

Even though they were just born, Storm and Sue Anna will soon join their mom on the mat so they can get used to their jobs as goat-yoga instructors. Kibby noted that baby goats like to walk on the backs of yogis, which just might be the cutest thing ever. According to Red Hill Farm & Creamery, goats can stand just minutes after birth, and the "kids begin climbing and jumping off tree stumps and bales of hay when they’re just a week old. At two weeks old, kids are fearlessly agile, running and leaping for fun."

So, at just two weeks old, new kids are clearly ready to hit the yoga mat to assist yogis with postures and poses. On its website, Red Wagon Goats describes the goat-yoga class as a combination of stress reduction and silliness, though live births aren't usually a part of the class.

"Take the widely-known stress-reducing and mind-body-connecting benefits of yoga, and couple that with the joy, silliness, and unpredictability of hanging out with goats and voilà, the bliss train has arrived." A goat birthing two kids during a yoga class is clearly part of the unpredictability you might experience while getting your goat on.

If you want to check in on the cutest kids ever, Red Wagon Goats posted a video of Storm and Sue-Anna playing in their pen just four days after being born, and it's next-level adorable. Because it's no secret that the cute factor is the biggest appeal of goat yoga.

"Let's be real: You're not here to sweat, you're here because it's goat yoga. That said, I did exert tremendous effort keeping it together the first time a baby goat, with its hard little hooves, landed on my shoulders," Los Angeles Times writer Agatha French wrote about her goat-yoga experience. "It was hilarious, and from what I could see, everyone else spent a good portion of class cracking up too. In the end, it's hard to take anything seriously, especially yourself, when a tiny goat is perched on your spine."

If you've been taking yourself too seriously lately, it might be time to hang out with some four-legged kids who can help you find the fun. And, who knows, you just might witness a goat-yoga birth. Because, when it comes to goat yoga, the only thing you can expect is the unexpected.