Tax Day Memes That Will Offer Some Comedic Relief This April 18

In need of a good laugh on Tax Day this year? I'm pretty sure we all are, and these funny Tax Day memes will hopefully garner a chuckle out of everyone who reads them. Even if you're getting money back this tax season, the paperwork in and of itself is a headache. As for those of us who will be paying big bucks to the IRS, Tax Day is the ultimate day of dread. The one thing that can help it all pass more bearably? Laughing at our miseries.

No matter how many times you fill them out, tax documents seem to be impossible to figure out. According to Washington Post, the IRS has stated that it takes the average American 13 hours to file a tax return. That's basically a quarter of a weekend. Who wants to spend that much of their precious free time doing paperwork? I'm pretty sure nobody.

However, not filing taxes is illegal, which means there's really no way out of it. The best solution? Push through it with a full pot of coffee, some intermittent stretching, and a scroll through these hilarious Tax Day memes. Taxes may not be funny, but that doesn't mean that filing them can't be.

Some of us never learn...

Join the club.

If you're not owing taxes, that is.

Basically, yeah.

The best moment ever.

We all feel it.

Well, it is possible...

True story.


Resist the urge!

Images: edar/Pixabay; MemeCenter