Taylor's Coming Back On 'The Bachelor'

by Nicole Pomarico
Rick Rowell/ABC

The threat of the infamous two-on-one date is something that hangs over the heads of all Bachelor contestants, and this season, it came crashing down on two of Nick Viall's women who have spent most of the last few episodes fighting. Last week, Taylor and Corinne headed into the bayou with Nick, and only Corinne left with a rose. But if you think Taylor's letting it go that easy, think again. In a new sneak peek from Monday night's new episode, we get to see what happens when Taylor returns to The Bachelor, and it's definitely the opposite of what I expected.

Something very similar happened last year on The Bachelorette when Chad Johnson fought his way through the woods with a vengeance after being eliminated during a two-on-one date of his own with JoJo Fletcher, so I thought that there'd be at least a few fireworks this time around. But this isn't Chad we're dealing with; it's Taylor. So far, she's had a pretty solid head on her shoulders, especially when she's fighting with Corinne. So it shouldn't be too surprising that her return in the clip — which you can see here — seems to be just her way of trying to look out for Nick if he's going to keep Corinne around.

In the clip, Taylor first points out to Nick that she's pretty sure he's being manipulated by Corinne (aka what every other contestant has told him at one point or another) and then, she tried to clear her own name. She says:

"I genuinely care about you as a person and you finding love and a big part of love for me is respect. I'm assuming that a big part of why I'm no longer in this experience anymore with you is because my character was called into judgment and that you think I'm a bully and a mean girl and that I called her stupid. I'm not the only one saying this about Corinne. Vanessa literally told you that she would give you back her rose if this is what you were looking for."

I mean, Taylor does have a point. Plenty of the women have taken the opportunity to let him know that they don't think Corinne's intentions are the purest, but he doesn't seem to be taking their words to heart. Maybe it's because Nick has been seen as the villain on The Bachelorette in the past? Or maybe it's just because he doesn't see Corinne the way everyone else does.

And even though Taylor is making a lot of sense, my absolute favorite part of the clip is when Corinne is upset because Taylor's taking "her time" with Nick. Girl! How many times have you interrupted someone else's time this season?! Too many to count.

It'll definitely be interesting to see how this plays out on Monday's episode... and, now that Taylor's out, which of the women will be next to speak up. I have a feeling as long as there's Corinne, there will be drama!