Why Taylor Swift Fans Think Her Latest Outing With Her BF Was Sneaky Promo For Her Single

by Stephanie Downs
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift has been going strong with Joe Alwyn for some time now, but the two rarely make any public appearances as a couple together. However, during one recent outing, the two were spotted enjoying a hike together on March 7, per E! News. According to some Swifties, it wasn't any old outing. Some think that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's hike has subtle connection to "Delicate," the singer's upcoming single. It's definitely an interesting theory.

During Swift and Alwyn's Malibu outing, they were photographed together, hand-in-hand, as they went on their trail. Coincidentally (or maybe not?), Alwyn sported a very significant outfit — at least according to some fans. The actor wore a dark shirt, dark jeans, and Nike sneakers. His outfit got fans buzzing because of one particular line in the song "Delicate," the video for which Swift has announced will be released on Sunday.

In the song, she sings, "Dark jeans and your Nikes, look at you/Oh damn, never seen that color blue/Just think of the fun things we could do/ 'Cause I like you." Gotta say, the whole "dark jeans and your Nikes" look does describe Alwyn's hiking outfit, and because of this, some fans have theorized that his outfit is a nod to Swift's song.

While it could just be a coincidence, this theory would explain the actor's choice of outfit. Like, you definitely can hike in jeans, but it's not as though it's the most comfortable option. So, maybe the Swifties are onto something with this theory. Or maybe Alwyn just prefers to hike in jeans. Who knows?

Not only is Alwyn's outfit related to the song, but the timing aligns with the upcoming music video release on March 11, as Swift herself noted on Instagram on March 5 (a few days before the hike). It's like a walking advertisement for her single (maybe without even knowing). If you're still not convinced, maybe you need to hear it from some of the Swifties themselves because they're really having fun with the "Delicate" connection.

What Else Is There To Say?

This fan stated the facts, that Alwyn's wearing Nikes and dark jeans, as a way to show off the connection.

Look At The Outfit, Y'all!

Another fan only had to state the facts to get their point across. Alwyn's wearing the exact outfit Swift describes in "Delicate." Coincidence?

Get That Low-Key Promotion

This fan was loving the fact that Swift enlisted her boyfriend to help "low-key" promote her latest single.

It's Subtle, But It's There

Another fan agreed and said that Alwyn wasn't outright promoting "Delicate," but with this outfit, he kind of was.


One Swiftie jokingly said that the singer must be "exhausted" having to promote her latest single by (possibly) having Alwyn wear this outfit.

Living For It

Another Swiftie was not only thrilled to see the singer hanging out with her boyfriend, but loved to see that "Delicate" promo to boot.

All About That Promo

Another fan outright said that it was promo for the song — and that they're loving it.

It Could Be A Sign Of Things To Come

This user was glad to see the promo, since it hopefully means that "Delicate" will get the respect it deserves.

Just Look At The "Hiking" Outfit

This subtle "Delicate" reference didn't make it past this fan. They even poked a bit of fun at Alwyn's outfit. If he isn't helping his girlfriend out, why is he wearing that to hike?

The Best Thing

One fan loves the promo and is really feeling the subtle "Delicate" nod.

There were also other Swifties who were simply too excited to see the private pair out together, regardless of whether it was promo or not:

There's no telling whether this was actually "Delicate" promo or not. But, one thing is for sure: Many Swifties are not only convinced that there was some connection there, but they're living for it, too.