Taylor Swift Testifies In Court About Allegedly Being Groped, Here's What She Had To Say

Earlier this week, the trial for Taylor Swift's case against radio DJ David Mueller began in Denver, Colorado. And after four days in court, on Thursday, Swift took the stand to testify. In the suit, Swift alleges Mueller groped her while they were taking a photo during a meet-and-greet in June 2013, which Mueller denies. Mueller filed a lawsuit in 2015 in which he claimed that Swift's allegations were false and asked for $3 million in damages after he lost his job; Swift then countersued. On Tuesday, the jury for the case was selected, and Swift's mother, Andrea, testified on Wednesday. Now, it’s Swift’s turn.

According to E! News, Mueller’s attorney, Gabriel McFarland, called Swift to the stand for the first time on Thursday, questioning her about what happened and how long the alleged touching took place. She claimed:

McFarland also asked Swift if she tried to get away after the incident. “It was a very shocking thing that has never happened to me before,” she claimed. “This was not something I had ever dealt with. I got as far away from him as I possibly could.”

She also claimed that she thanked Mueller and his girlfriend for coming in a “monotone voice” before continuing the meet and greet as usual, since she didn’t want to disappoint the fans who were waiting. According to Buzzfeed reporter Claudia Rosenbaum, Swift claimed she told her photographer what happened, who allegedly mentioned that she’d seen groping occur, too. Swift claimed that she didn’t blame her bodyguard for not stopping the incident because “it was horrifying, shocking, and we had never experienced it before.”

Swift claimed:

According to Rosenbaum, who tweeted live from the courtroom, after being questioned by McFarland, Swift’s attorney said he had no further questions for her, and she was able to leave the stand.