The Trailer For Taylor Swift’s New Video Just Dropped & Fans Can't Get Over Her Reunion With Ed Sheeran In It

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The wait for Taylor Swift's latest music video is almost over. On Thursday morning, Swift's "End Game" trailer debuted on Good Morning America, along with the news that the full video will premiere later that night. And even though the trailer was a short one, it managed to pack so many intriguing moments in that left fans wanting more — and obviously, so many people are already freaking out about what the full video could be like.

Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Future are all in the trailer, and there's so much going on. One second, Swift's dancing around under fireworks, and another, she's partying on a yacht. She's winking and drinking a cocktail, she's walking down what looks to be a hallway or an alley with Future. At one point, there's even a really cool "Rep" neon sign, shouting out to Swift's newest album. And if you've been missing Swift and Sheeran's friendship lately, it seems like the "End Game" video might totally make up for it with plenty of adorable BFF moments between them as they're living it up together.

Even from the small amount of footage in the trailer, it's pretty obvious this video will be an awesome one.

In the time since the trailer hit GMA, fans have already flocked to Twitter to share their reactions — and so far, those reactions are overwhelmingly positive. It's quite obvious that plenty of people are going to be staying up late to see the video as soon as it drops on Thursday night.

For this fan, it's an actual dream come true:

And others are already getting ready to make Swift proud by rallying the troops to make sure the "End Game" video is a huge success... with tons of streams, of course. One Twitter suggestion? Visualize that you're still trying to earn Ticketmaster boosts to get tickets to Swift's Reputation tour. Whatever works, right?

And a lot of fans are focusing on Sheeran and Swift's joint appearances in the video, because to some, that's all that really matters:

After both of them took such long breaks from social media, it is good to see them back in action again... and that GIF of Sheeran's face is just too cute.

This fan decided to make a comparison to Swift in the "Bad Blood" video, where she was also on a motorcycle. Actually, come to think of it, Swift has been on a motorcycle a lot lately — like in the video for "Look What You Made Me Do." Is this a hint to something major that we've all been missing?

And all theories aside, some fans are just straight up excited to see the full video:

Swift first hinted that "End Game" was coming on Wednesday — along with a few screenshots from the video — when she formally announced the news on her app, The Swift Life. "I wanted to let you know first, the 'End Game' video comes out tomorrow!" she wrote. "Gonna be posting a few pictures on here before the trailer premieres on GMA tomorrow."

As it turns out, those photos she shared didn't even scratch the surface of how exciting the trailer turned out to be, so it's probably safe to take that as indication that the full video is going to be pretty mind blowing. It seems like it's going to give fans a lot to talk about in the days that follow the full release.

If you're a Swiftie who's feeling impatient to see the new video for "End Game", never fear: midnight will be here before you know it. And in the meantime, there's plenty to obsess over thanks to the trailer. Let the countdown begin.