Fans Have, Um, A Lot Of Questions About That Line From "Call It What You Want"

Getty Images/Bustle

As people sway from side to side in their bedrooms in the middle of the night to Taylor Swift's "Call It What You Want" lyrics, one lyric in particular gave them pause. At one point, the pop star sings, "I'm laughing with my lover, making forts under covers, trust him like a brother" — and cue the record scratch. Especially since this was followed by, "Yeah, you know I did one thing right." Many fans were taken aback by Swift comparing her lover to her brother in the song, innocent though the line may be, and, naturally, they took to Twitter to express their confusion with memes and questions.

Granted, the song is called "Call It What You Want," so Swift probably anticipated that fans, and the media, could make up their own minds about what the narrative is supposed to be here. And most fans understand that it's a dreamy love song, with a lyric that is supposed to be representative of how much you can trust someone when you're in love with them — so much so that they're like family. But that hasn't stopped other fans from wanting to know why, of all the comparisons to make, Swift had to choose a family tie. After all, this isn't Game of Thrones.

And thus the memes and questions rolled in.

1. At Least They Rhyme?

This fan appreciates Swift a lot, but this rhyme felt a little tone-deaf to them. Which. Fair.

2. There's A Meme For Every Situation

Clearly they've never heard K-Ci & JoJo's "All My Life."

3. Some Were Just Confused

This seems to be the prevalent feeling for a lot of fans. Just the simple question of why? Because, let's be real. The guy you love like a brother isn't usually the guy you're interested in seeing romantically. Obviously.

4. Or Maybe The Question Is The Point

The entire song invites people to make up their own minds, because Swift has said all that she's going to say on the subject. Why turn a love song into a mess like this, internet?

5. Reacting To Taylor With Taylor

Swift's facial expressions are perfect in general, but they're also perfect for reacting to this line.

6. Of Course Game Of Thrones Came Up

In a post-Lannister world, people are just hypersensitive to brother/lover dichotomies, I guess. Maybe HBO should use this song in their marketing for the next season of the show?

7. But Some Fans Were Into It

Face facts, guys. Your brother is one of the most important guys in your life. A lover who comes even close to that level of importance for you is someone you want to keep. Considering, you know, they're not actually your brother. It's a sweet lyric!

8. And Others Were Decidedly Not

OK, so that logic isn't going to work on everyone. And that's fine. Different strokes for different folks.

9. Like, Really Not

This picture of Oprah is clearly worth a thousand words.

10. Really, Seriously Not

There's a Titus Andromedon screencap for every single situation, and this situation was absolutely no different.

11. But, Come On, Who Doesn't Deserve Happiness?

Along with the song, Swift released a video of what appears to be home movies, and fans are just happy that she's happy and in love. After everything that she's been through since she hit the scene as a young singer, doesn't she deserve true love?

12. No. Just. No.

While other fans continued to insist that this line was the weak point of this particular song.

13. At The End Of The Day...

Maybe Genius will explain it better than Twitter can.

"Call It What You Want" is, overall, a triumphant return to the kind of love songs that Swift's fans have come to expect and adore her for. But this one line may give you pause — and that's OK.