Tayshia From 'The Bachelor' Might Have One Of The Hardest Jobs This Season

Rick Rowell/ABC

Jobs on The Bachelor have run the gamut from “aspiring model” and “unemployed” to “chicken enthusiast” and “entrepreneur,” so sometimes, it’s hard to pick out the real, very difficult jobs that the actually employed contestants put on hold so that they be on the show. Former contestant Danielle Maltby and former winner Whitney Bischood are both neo-natal nurses, for example, which is no easy gig. Likewise, The Bachelor contestant Tayshia Adams’ job as a phlebotomist — she draws blood for a living — is not something just anyone can do.

According to her ABC profile, Tayshia spends the day filling teeny vials with patients’ blood, which has to be taxing. If you’ve ever been stuck multiple times for a blood drawing, you know that it can be quite difficult to get that little needle in a little vein, especially on little or older veins. But Tayshia does it every day. She’s probably the best blood-taker in Southern California. Her ABC profile also shares that Tayshia graduated in 2012 with a B.S. in Biology Medical Science from Concordia University; she is a frequent volunteer at her church; and she loves a good wine tasting.

The bad joke in her profile is that she hopes “Colton feels faint when he sees her” — you know, how people faint when they get blood drawn — but Tayshia seems cool enough that we can forgive her for her cheesy sense of humor. One thing to note about Tayshia is that, according to Bachelor spoiler Reality Steve, she’s been married before. Her husband, Josh, filed for divorce months before she decided to come on the show.

The amount of time between her splitting with her husband and coming on the show is kind of a moot point — we don’t know how long they were separated before filing or how their relationship was before the divorce. Maybe they were estranged! Who knows? So the fact that her divorce and casting fall so closely together should get a big “so what?” on The Bachelor drama scale. But speaking of drama, this gal’s divorce is definitely going to come up on Colton’s season. Colton doesn’t have a lot of dating experience (to say the least), so he may not be able to cope with anyone that has the baggage (which is normal to have!) from a divorce.

Besides the divorce, Tayshia seems like any other twentysomething-year-old woman you would know. From a look at her Instagram, one can tell that she loves Justin Timberlake, her friends and family, and posing for influencer-ready selfies (now that she's been cast on The Bachelor, it's best to be prepared).

This Southern California native may be the woman that keeps Colton on the left coast for good. How beautiful would their children be, you guys? Colton needs a woman who is going to take him out of his shell, and Tayshia seems the type. She's not squeamish, she loves volunteering at her church, and she's ready for the next phase in her life. Colton can be that phase. Of course, we'll have to wait until January 7 to see how it all starts out, but Tayshia surely has a shot at Colton's heart.