Teresa Giudice Remembers Her Late Mother With A Beautiful Photo Tribute

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This past Saturday E! News reported that Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga's mom Antonia Gorga died at the age of 66 due to natural causes. Now, Teresa Giudice is honoring her mother with a photo tribute on Instagram. As showcased throughout the past seven seasons of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Giudice not only loved her mother dearly, but she was also extremely close to her. That sentiment rings true in all of the photos the Bravolebrity has been sharing across social media.

In addition to confirming her mother's death on Saturday, Giudice began her photo tribute with a collage of images featuring her mom. She also wrote this emotional caption:

Thank you for the love and support during this extremely difficult time. My mother was a very cherished part of our family and she'll be deeply missed. Each and every one of your messages of love & support are so appreciated. Give her eternal rest O Lord and may your light shine on her forever.

It wasn't too long after that the Housewife began posting photo after photo of her mom. Based on the images, you can tell that Giudice understandably misses her mom greatly. She also has nothing but beautiful things to say about the woman she calls "[her] confidant, [her] best friend, [her] everything."

And with that, here are a few of the photos Giudice has shared in tribute to her mom, who she will never, ever forget.

Her Best Friend

"She will forever be missed and cherished in my heart!" Giudice wrote alongside this photo. "Because of her I will find the strength to continue life's journey. My mother, my confidant, my best friend , my everything .. until we meet again [heart emojis] I love you mommy [heart emoji]."

The Heartache Is Real

"Oh mommy, my heart is completely broken, you taught me so much about life, love and motherhood," the photo's caption reads. "This is a pain I've never felt before and goes so deep. I hope you know how deeply you were loved and how very badly you'll be missed."

Always On Her Mind

"Mom I love you so much can't stop thinking about you with @melissagorga," Giudice wrote.

With Her Grandchildren

This sweet video shows all of the grandkids singing "Happy Birthday" to their nonna.

Her Cookbooks Are More Than Cookbooks

As Giudice explained next to this photo, "Best thing about doing RHONJ that I was able to do my cookbooks and have all my moms recipes something that I will cherish my whole life and pass down to my daughters. Mommy I love you [heart emoji]."

Her Parents' Love

Giudice can't stop thinking about the love her mom and dad shared. "Never seen two people more in love than my parents [heart emoji]," she wrote.

The Family's Foundation

Here's Giudice with her mom and brother. She captioned this photo, Our MOM the Rock of our family [heart emoji] @joeygorga." It's clear their late mother held the family together.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and that is definitely the case here. Let's send Giudice and her family all of the love in the world at what is truly an emotional time.