Tesco Passion Fruit Martinis Now Come In 2.25L Boxes & That's My Festival Booze Sorted


Summer is the perfect time to be outdoors, having fun with friends, and of course — a tipple or two. If you get the right weather, a trip down the park, your nearest beach, or even your own garden (if you're lucky enough) can be the absolute bees knees in terms of rest and relaxation. But if you and your crew don't much favour beer, whine about wine, or think cider is gross — booze choices can be difficult. But worry thee not cocktail fans, because

I can almost taste the hangover pizza as we speak. The delicious cocktail is a jumbo sized version of the already hugely popular passion fruit martini in a can. But dragging around a load of cans can be annoying and wasteful packaging-wise. Especially if you want to buy, say, nine? Yes the box is the actual equivalent of nine cans. As with boxes of wine, the box comes with its own built in tap. It is also completely resealable, so you can keep it in the fridge between uses and know it won't go off. Although realistically, we all know that thing isn't going to last long.

The drink is a , and (you guessed it) more sugar than you would care to know. It has 4.5 percent alcohol, meaning it is as strong as your average lager. So a perfect little treat to start your evening right.

I know what you are thinking, this all sounds a bit expensive. Guys, it is only flipping £12. That's seriously reasonable. In what other world would you get nine cocktails for that cost? Tesco have 100 percent heard your cries with of cocktails which are already made so all you have to do is drink them.

Although sadly not in boxed form (yet) is a thing of dreams. They have Hawaiian Daquiri, Espresso Martini, Violet Cosmo, and Flamingo Colada. A whole rainbow of deliciousness. The art work alone will make you smile.


But maybe those flavours don't appeal to you. Perhaps you want something a little classier and are intending on having a huge house party this summer. Well, don't worry, I know who to contact. Poison Cocktails sells boxes of pre mixed cocktails to satiate all your party needs. They aren't as cheap as the Tesco ones, but they are meaning the night might go on a lot longer than you intended.

so you might need to do a bit of fundraising ahead of the event. But once you hear the types of tastes they have in store for you, you will totally get it. Flavours available are strawberry daquiri, gin garden, blue pina colada, and the classsic woo-woo.

As with all alcohol situations, remember to enjoy responsibly and not drunk dial any exes. Happy drinking guys.

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