The 34 Best "Thank You Hillary" Tweets That Will Give You All The Election Feels

One year ago, Hillary Clinton lost an election that she and the country had expected her to win. Early the next morning, in her emotional concession speech, Clinton asked Democrats and her supporters to "never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it." A spate of local elections on the one-year mark of her loss paid off dearly for disillusioned Democrats, who claimed wins up and down the ballot. "Thank you, Hillary" began trending on Twitter in response, acknowledging her impact on the 2017 race.

Trump's defeat of Clinton last November, and Clinton's determination to persevere in her fight for women's rights, inspired a small army of women to run for office this year. Women's activism organization EMILY's List told Vox that it has heard from 20,000 women who wanted to run for office after Clinton's loss. And on Tuesday night, a number of jubilant transgender, female, and minority candidates claimed victories.

The Women's March, which organized mass protests across the country the day after Trump was inaugurated, wrote:

#ThankYouHillary for your leadership. Last night's victory was possible because of the path you have paved (and continue to pave).

Meanwhile, NARAL wrote on Twitter:

#ThankYouHillary for your leadership, for your vision, and for your grace under pressure. You've inspired generations of future leaders (and Nasty Women).

Thank You For Gun Activism

Thank You For Inspiring Women

Thank You For Winning The Popular Vote

Thank You For Inspiring Sons

Thank You For Persisting

Thank You For Your Commitment To Equality

Thank You For Proving Us Right

Thank You For Doing Your Thing

Thank You For Finding The Words

Thank You For Inspiring The Next Generation

Thank You For How You Spend Your Time

Thank You For Engaging With Us

Thank You For Not Yielding Your Space

Thank You For Being An Icon

Thank You For Being There

Thank You For Taking The High Road

Thank You For Not Giving Up

Thank You For Bringing People Together

Thank You For Your Grace

Thank You For Being A Nasty Woman

Thank You For Going On

Thank You For Leading Us On

Thank You For What You Created

Thank You For Showing Little Girls

Thank You For Being Our Champion

Thank You For What You Stood For

Thank You For Fighting

Thank You For Cracking That Ceiling

Just Thank You

Thank You For This Letter

Thank You For All The Angry Snowflakes

Thank You For The Victories

Thank You For Your Patriotism

Thank You For The Words You Use

Although Clinton has said she will never run for office again, she continues to be active in politics, thanks to her organization Onward Together and the fall release of her book What Happened. Clinton continues to be active within progressive Democratic circles, and advocates for the rights of women and girls across the world.