"Thanks, Donald," Twitter Tells The President-Elect After He Generously Applauds His Own Work


President-elect Donald Trump took to his preferred social media platform Tuesday evening to show gratitude to one of his most favorite people, himself. In a tweet sharing that the U.S. Consumer Confidence Index reached a 15-year high in December, Trump ended with the words "Thanks Donald!" giving himself sole credit for an economic watermark that has nothing to do with anything he himself has done. It didn't take long for his self-congratulatory words to take off on the website and #ThanksDonald responses are ranging from grateful to sarcastic, both at extremes.

#ThanksDonald is reminiscent of #ThanksObama, a sarcastic right-wing complaint turned sarcastic left-wing hashtag praising Obama's accomplishments. The president himself referenced the equivocal phrase at a Hillary Clinton rally in September after listing some of his achievements as president. But while Obama did so using a sort of tongue-in-cheek humor, the notoriously prideful president-elect seems to have tweeted "Thanks Donald" in earnest, giving the impression that he truly believes the rise of the U.S. Consumer Confidence Index is a direct result of his election β€” many economic analysts would argue otherwise.

Either way, #ThanksDonald is the hashtag du jour and Twitter users from both sides of the political fence are using it to express their feelings on the president-to-be. Some are showing earnest appreciation of Trump, while others are doing so in mockery or contempt.

The Appreciative #ThanksDonald Tweets

Many of the earnest #ThanksDonald tweets have to do with Trump's supposed takedown of mainstream media outlets, illustrating just how much his anti-journalist rhetoric has resonated with individuals.

While others praised his leadership and plans for his upcoming term.

The Sarcastic #ThanksDonald Tweets

Many #ThanksDonald tweets are echoing Trump's original tweet by thanking him for events he had no hand in.

While others are centered on calling out racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and bigotry in general.

Still others called Trump's fitness for office into question.

The Outright Critical #ThanksDonald Tweets

Then there were the tweets that didn't veil their criticisms of Trump under sarcasm at all.

If the longevity of "Thanks, Obama" is any indication, this won't be the last time #ThanksDonald takes the internet by storm. And judging by Trump's own pattern of pompous behavior, this is far from the last time he will shower himself with praise.

Once Trump assumes office and gets to work, there will be even more occasions for his supporters to thank him and his opponents to "thank him." Either way, it seems Twitter will continue to be Trump's primary loudspeaker and venue for discussion for the millions responding to him.