Here's The Number 1 Resistance Tool To Know About

It's been 33 days since Donald Trump's inauguration, and it's felt like some of the longest of many people's lives. In the last four weeks, a bit of the fervor surrounding the Trump resistance has died down, in part due to the difficulties of continuous community organization. But a new digital tool from documentarian and outspoken Trump critic Michael Moore can help you stay on track for your activist goals. The Resistance Calendar is a national aggregator for meetings, rallies, and community actions, and it's the one tool to resist the Trump administration that everyone should know about.

The Resistance Calendar seems to be one of the most beneficial tools created since the presidential election to organize activists across the country. The tool has numerous benefits, and should prove particularly helpful for large cities where peoples' individual social networks might be less attuned to the activist community.

You can also add events to the calendar, which will help you organize in your hometown if there's a lack of leadership. Additionally, if you feel you can't participate in resistance actions for your personal safety, or are physically unable to participate, this is a great way to follow along with others' progress and still stay involved in the movement.

Moore told The Huffington Post in an interview earlier this week that the site will start to link to other community organizing tools soon, such as the Ferguson National Response Network, which was created in the aftermath of Michael Brown's death in 2014. It's all part of an effort to get people more involved in their local communities and break the cycle of slacktivism. “It’s one of the main things people have been asking me for since the election: How can I find out what’s going on in my area?” Moore said in the interview on Monday. “The main idea is to stop the damage of the Trump agenda, and protect the people that his administration is hurting.”

Keep in mind, it's always PL to take a little time off from your resistance goals if you need to. If you belong to one of the many groups of people whom Trump has promised to discriminate against, you need to self-care and deal with any fear or anxiety you might be experiencing. Burning yourself out isn't going to help anybody, so remember that the Resistance Calendar is a tool to be used at your own discretion, not necessarily a daily challenge.

This tool also won't replace thoughtful criticism of the social structures that still oppress some voices in activist movements. Even in the digital space, racism and sexism still exist and will inevitably impact the community. Allyship towards those communities and individuals experiencing the most severe effects or potential effects of Trump's administration must be actively included in the leadership of the movement.

The American people are still learning how to work together to resist Trump, so let's make sure it's done in the most equitable way possible. That way, the Resistance Calendar can be as effective and transformative as possible.