10 Cooling Neck Wraps That Will Help You Survive The Summer Heat

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When I overheat, my whole demeanor changes. I basically revert back to the adult equivalent of that stompy kid in the toy store. Like it or not, the hot weather is here for a while, and the best cooling neck wraps are infinitely more effective than sticking your head in the freezer. For one, they cool your body much quicker. For another, you can actually leave the house with them.

While they may look like your average wad of fabric, cooling towels are made with technology that's superior to that washcloth you use during yoga. Some have built-in ice packs and freezable gels while others use polymers that slow down the evaporation rate when wet. That means they stay cool and feel refreshing for way longer, which will make your hikes, workouts, or summer walks are just a little bit more bearable.

Cooling towels come in all shapes and sizes, but some of the most popular are ones for your neck. Why? Your neck is one of your body's quick-cooling spots, meaning that the blood vessels are particularly close to the surface of your skin. If something cold is applied here, it basically hacks your body temperature, bringing it down in no time at all. So if you dislike the heat as much as I do, check out these popular cooling neck wraps that actually work.

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1. This Towel With More Than 2,500 Rave Reviews

With over 2,500 reviews, the Alfamo cooling towel is hands down one of the most popular options. It comes in multiple sizes, colors, and can reduce body temperature up to 30 degrees for three hours. Best of all, when it dries, it stays soft and pliable. It even comes with a bonus carrying pouch and carabiner clip.

One reviewer wrote: "Lightweight and airy. It stayed cool for 5 hours before I had to add water again. Helped with my hot flashes too (just wore it like a scarf all day and it seemed to reduce the intensity of the hot flashes). Love it!"

2. The Most Stylish Option — & The Cheapest

Using evaporative PVA technology, this neck wrap keeps your body temperature significantly lower when out in the heat. Because it just looks like your average bandana, it's great for sports, traveling, and hikes — you can even wear it as a cute headband, too. It comes in nine different colors and designs.

One reviewer wrote: "I have been wearing this just about every time I head outside now, as Texas summers are a beating! I am actually able to wear it as a neck scarf with summery outfits and it looks really cute [...] I just re-wet it occasionally and the cooling continues for a good long while."

3. This Towel That Absorbs 8 Times Its Own Weight

Because it can absorb up to eight times its weight for longer evaporation time (and for improved sweat-absorption), Frogg Toggs is another favorite. It also has a built-in slit for secure, hands-free wear around the neck or head, and it's machine-washable so you can use it over and over again.

One reviewer wrote: "I purchased two of the Frogs Toggs to use at baseball games in July in the South where the temperature can be in the 90's at 8pm. These worked well to keep us cool and we didn't sweat nearly as much. They made watching the baseball games bearable!"

4. This Cooling Wrap & Aromatherapy Set That Will Help You Chill Out

Available in seven colors, the Happy Wraps herbal neck wrap is filled with organic flax seed and relaxing aromatherapy herbs. It can be placed in the freezer for cooling relief or the microwave for warmth, and it comes with a free eye pillow and sleep mask.

One reviewer wrote: "The wrap smells wonderful and has a smooth, cool feeling . . . very comforting."

5. This Neck Wrap With An Attached Hood For Sun Protection

The Mission Enduracool cooling hoodie provides sun protection as well as relief from the heat. It can be worn around the neck, but also has a built-in hood that gives you UPF 50 to prevent sunburn during your hike. Get it in blue or black.

One reviewer wrote: "Great for keeping my head cool during golf. Just wet it and ring it out and it stays nice and cool. It protects the back of my neck from getting sunburned."

6. This Best Option For Travel

This cooling neck scarf comes with its own travel bottle so it's always moist and ready to go. It's lightweight, compact, comes in several different colors, and protects you from the sun with its anti-UV fabric. Clip the recyclable bottle onto your pack and get going.

One reviewer wrote: "Having the towels come packaged in a container that you can fill with cold water and then clip on your backpack really helped keep the towels cool and ready for use when needed. The towels are extremely soft and do not have any type of chemical smell that I've read other cooling towels have."

7. This Freezable Bandana With An Ice Pack In It

The Ice Bandana has a neoprene-insulated ice snake that sits right against your neck, keeping you cool for hours. It also has a terry cloth liner (which comes in three solid colors and two patterns), plus adjustable ties so you can customize the fit.

One reviewer wrote: "I have a form of dysautonomia which makes me very intolerant of heat. [...] I love this because it uses the ice packs in it. [...] This ice bandana lasts longer and stays dry."

8. The Biggest Cooling Towel

This thick PVA cooling towel measures 12 by 32 inches. It holds a lot of water, which keeps it cooler for longer, and it comes with its own travel pouch. Soak the towel in water, wring it out, snap it, and it’s ready to wear around your neck, shoulders, or as a bandana. It even comes in four colors: ocean blue, charcoal, twilight purple, and aqua blue.

One reviewer wrote: "Size is big enough to provide different options for draping around neck, shoulders, over the head. Helps keep you cool."

9. This Cool Wrap You Can Wear 12 Different Ways

With its versatile, thick-band design, the Chill Pal Multi Style can be worn 12 different ways. It's enclosed, so it stays around your head and neck, or you can use it as a mask, hood, hair cover, or face cover. It also comes in purple or blue.

One reviewer wrote: "I use it for everything. When I’m outside and it’s hot I put it on around my neck and keep cool. I wet it and put it on over my head under a hat when hiking. I also use it at night to cover my curls for sleep. The material is super soft stretchy and perfect."

10. And This One Built For Your Dog

The All For Paws ice bandana is specifically designed to keep your dog comfortable on especially hot days. It features non-toxic cooling material, can be machine-washed, uses Velcro closures for a comfortable fit, and comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

One reviewer wrote: "Great - my staffie overheats in hot weather and this keeps him a little cooler when he insists on sunbathing and panting like a train. On walks you can pour more water on it to chill it again."

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