10 Cool AF Fidget Spinners You Won’t Be Able To Stop Playing With

By Emily Estep

The fidget spinner craze may go down in history as one of the biggest fads of the decade, with even celebrities and fashion designers hopping on the bandwagon. So if you're ready to join the ranks of Kim K. and Tory Burch, I've found the best fidget spinners the internet has to offer.

Although the anxiety-reducing, focus-improving claims of most fidget spinners are up for debate, some models are definitely better than others. And some are so cool looking that you probably won't mind if they don't actually help you focus.

Sure, every corner store and supermarket may be selling fidget spinners these days, but why narrow your search down to those basic models when you can peruse the countless options available right at your fidgeting fingertips? You and your favorite middle schooler would be shocked at the variety of fidget spinners you can find online.

From fidget spinners that glow in the dark to ones guaranteed to make every Harry Potter fan's dreams come true, these awesome fidget spinners, cubes, and other hand toys under the "fidget" umbrella are sure to catch other people's attention while hopefully focusing yours. Just don't get caught watching YouTube trick videos at work.

This Fidget Spinner That Touts A Spin-Time Of Up To 5 Minutes

Innoo Tech Six Wing Fidget Spinner Toy, $13, Amazon

Not only does this brass fidget spinner look gorgeous, but it also boasts an almost unheard of three- to five-minute spin time. Plus it's made from anti-scratch brass and has six detachable wings.

This Machine-Balanced Fidget Spinner That Looks Classy AF

Gyrate, Two Leaf Gold Fidget Spinner, $6, Amazon

The three-pronged fidget spinners tend to be preferred by most people because the weight is more evenly distributed which lends itself well to a smoother spin. But this minimalist two-pronged spinner is machine balanced to perfection. Plus, it has ceramic bearings that enable the spinner to spin for at least two minutes.

This Mini Fidget Spinner That's Super Discreet

Meecoo Fidget Spinner Toy, $7, Amazon

If you are looking for something super discreet, it doesn't get much smaller than this 1.7-inch wide fidget spinner. It's made from titanium which is lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant and has a ceramic and stainless steel hybrid bearing for two to three minutes of smooth, quiet spin time.

This Fidget Spinner 'Harry Potter' Fan's Will Love

Sunandy Golden Snitch Hand Spinner Toy, $7, Amazon

Harry Potter fans rejoice! You can finally get your very own Golden Snitch in the form of a tiny fidget spinner. Although it may not move quite as fast a true snitch, the durable copper design fits right on your finger and looks cute AF — for a great price.

This Value Pack Of Fidget Spinners That Comes With 12 Different Designs

SCIONE Fidget Spinner, $28 (12 Pack), Amazon

This pack of fidget spinners comes with 12 different models in varying designs from camouflage to galaxy. Perfect for sharing with co-workers or hoarding to yourself, these spinners require zero maintenance and have removable bearings.

This Fluorescent Fidget Spinner That Glows In The Dark

Fidget Freedom Glow In The Dark Fidget Spinner, $9, Amazon

Perfect for the night owls out there, this fidget spinner is painted with glows-in-the-dark florescent paint.

This '90s-Inspired Fidget Spinner That's Super Popular

DSSY Stress Spinner Fidget, $3, Amazon

With more than 500 rave reviews on Amazon, this rainbow fidget spinner is amongst the popular models online. It's made with a super-durable ceramic center bearing and created out of resin materials using laser industrial molding technology. Plus, the colorful design is '90s AF, which I personally love.

This Customizable Fidget Spinner That Has A Sophisticated Design

Wakeach Fidget Spinner, $7, Amazon

This brass fidget spinner has a subtle and slightly more sophisticated design than most. Plus, it comes with six detachable pegs so you can customize the shape and weight.

This Clear Fidget Spinner With LED Lights Inside

FIGROL LED Light Up Fidget Spinner, $9, Amazon

This otherwise transparent fidget spinner is packed with 18 LED lights, giving it a fluorescent, bullseye design mid-spin. You can even switch between three different light modes to create a color scheme that suits you.

This Rainbow Mini Fidget Spinner With A Bearing Kit

ATESSON Fidget Spinner, $9, Amazon

This mini fidget spinner is only 1.8 inches in diameter but has a super long spin time. It also comes in its own case, a spare bearing and a tiny screwdriver.

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