These Puzzles All Cost Less Than $5 — Stock Up On A Few For Hours Of Wallet-Friendly Fun


Jigsaw puzzles are a great way for kids and adults to pass the time, and the best jigsaw puzzles under $5 range in difficultly levels and feature some wonderfully weird artwork — with shipping costs that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for budget-friendly puzzles, Amazon has lots of fun options that can improve memory, boost problem-solving skills, and put you in a good mood as you assemble them.

While you can find a lot of the best cheap jigsaw puzzles for just a few bucks on Amazon, not many of them include free shipping, and the total cost ends up being a bit more than five dollars. And in some cases, puzzles are on sale for a mere penny — of course, those puzzles tend to have higher shipping costs, so you'll want to factor that in.

As for size, I’ve included options ranging from quick and easy 150-piece puzzles to challenging 1,000-piece picks. These puzzles can also entertain a wide range of ages — starting as young as 6 years old — so there are sure to be a few options for the whole family to enjoy.

No matter what kind of puzzle you prefer, these are the best jigsaw puzzles under $5 that’ll challenge and entertain you. They're so wallet-friendly, you might just pick up a few to keep the fun rolling.

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These Tourist Landmark Puzzles That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation

Escape to destinations like Florence, Venice, Pisa, and Paris with one of these travel-themed 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles, all of which are under $5. There are six puzzle images to choose from, and they’re recommended for ages 14 and up. The finished puzzles measure 29.5 by 19.6 inches. Choose one tourist landmark or "visit" them all.


This Easy Jellybean Puzzle That’s A Treat To Put Together

This jellybean jigsaw puzzle offers a quick, candy-colored challenge with 150 pieces. It’s a great choice for kids around the age of 6 and up, but of course — adults can get in on the fun, too. When completed, the mini puzzle measures approximately 4 by 6 inches — about the size of a postcard.


A Colorful Popsicle Puzzle With Major Summer Vibes

With images of colorful popsicles, this 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle is sure to put you in the summer spirit. And yes, it really only costs one cent — a great deal for a 1,000-piece puzzle, even when you factor in shipping costs. The puzzle is recommended for ages 14 and up and measures 29.5 by 19.6 inches when completed.


These Fanciful Puzzles That Are Reminiscent Of Fairy Tales

This 234-piece jigsaw puzzle is available in four fun art prints: a charming forest cottage, a magical castle surrounded by fairies, a cute cat sporting a scarf, or — if you're a sci-fi fan —an astronomically adventurous solar system scene. A puzzle this size is probably a good challenge for kids aged 8 and up. It measures around 5.9 by 3.9 inches when assembled.


An Old-Fashioned Brewery Puzzle That Pairs Well With A Cold Beer

You don’t have to be a beer drinker to love this brewery-themed jigsaw puzzle — but it’s definitely fun to put together while enjoying your favorite pint. The bucolic puzzle is made up of 1,000 pieces and recommended for ages 12 and up. And while the exact puzzle dimensions aren’t listed, a similar puzzle from this same maker measures 20 by 27 inches when completed.


A Wintry Puzzle You & Your Wolf Pack Can Work On Together

Recommended for ages 6 and up, this 1,000-piece wolf jigsaw puzzle is a good choice for the whole family to assemble together. The puzzle is called "Twilight," which might be a reference to the Twilight series, but Game of Thrones fans can also pretend these are direwolves howling outside of Winterfell. When assembled, the puzzle measures around 27.6 by 19.7 inches.


A Lovely Puzzle Featuring Van Gogh-Inspired Artwork

Vincent van Gogh’s iconic Sunflowers series is the inspiration for this 150-piece jigsaw puzzle that's pretty enough to earn a spot on your wall when it's finished. The museum-worthy puzzle is recommended for ages 8 and up and measures a compact 4 by 6 inches when completed.


These Whimsical 150-Piece Puzzles That Are Straight Out Of A Storybook

With 150 pieces, these cute jigsaw puzzles come in a choice of 10 whimsical images, including a traditional Parisian street scene, a bear gazing at a glowing pot of honey, and an adorable panda chewing on a stick of bamboo. Whichever design you choose, they’re all a steal at just under $5. Fun for kids aged 6 and up, the completed puzzles measure around 5.9 by 3.9 inches.


This Mini Puzzle Featuring Cute & Cuddly Kittens

Featuring ridiculously cute kittens, this mini jigsaw puzzle is an adorable work of art once completed. At 150 pieces, the puzzle is best suited for kids 3 and up, but it's still complicated enough to be a fun pick for adults. When completed, it measures about 6 by 4 inches.


A Milk & Cookies Puzzle That Looks So Sweet

This 1,000-piece milk and cookies puzzle looks good enough to eat — and it only costs $0.01 plus shipping. Recommended for ages 14 and up, it's relatively challenging and measures 29.5 by 19.7 inches when finished.