The 10 Best Rolling Suitcases

It's a universal fact that finding the perfect luggage can be labor-intensive, confusing, and just plain exhausting. And on top of that, seeking out the best rolling suitcases that will ensure ease and smooth travels when getting from point A to point B requires even more research, because there are just so many options. You want something that's convenient for rushing through crowded airports and is also going to fit all of your necessities neatly into one place. Whether you're crossing an ocean and need a full luggage set or are in search of a stylish carry-on for a quick weekend getaway, there's a bag for everyone — and, trust us, it's even better if it's on wheels.

Here, you'll find a list of the best rolling luggage on the market — suitcases that vary in style, price, and function, but most of all, make traveling easy. These bags use state-of-the-art technologies like TSA-approved locks, compression-expansion systems, and even Bluetooth technology to track locations. Some are crafted from the finest, sleekest polycarbonate anti-scratch surfaces, while others maintain the look and durability of a soft duffel while having the ease of a spin suitcase. There's sure to be an option for every trip and traveler, below.