The 10 Best Throw Pillows

When you're looking to add color, texture, and a pulled-together feel to your space, the best throw pillows are an affordable (but worthy) investment. That said, decorative throw pillows are dime-a-dozen; you could walk into any department store and have 60 options to pick from, so how do you choose the best throw pillows for a room?

After you pinpoint a color scheme, consider your preferred size. A pillow that's 18-by-18 inches or smaller will comfortably fit most couches, benches, and large chairs while still leaving enough room to sit. Decorative pillows for the bed should be bigger, unless you're going to use multiple to line the headboard — in that case, four is a good number for a queen-size bed.

Next, decide on a fabric. For standard sizes on the internet, most throw pillow sets will be under $30 — but that doesn't mean they're all created equal. Aside from texture preferences, you'll want a material that can handle stain-removal and maybe even washing without ripping. You'll also want something that's durable, but still soft and well-cushioned. (Pillows are primarily for comfort, after all.) For outdoor pillows, look for weather-proof polyester.

Finally, it's extremely important to note that, if you're buying your throw pillows online, the vast majority of them are going to come with the covers only. That means you'll have to supply the inserts yourself. That said, pillow inserts are easy to get (I've noted the best options at the end of this article), not to mention an unexpected convenience. With separate inserts, you can remove the covers for washing, as well as switch out your throw pillows on a seasonal basis; since the covers fold up into neat little squares, they're super easy to store — unlike a bulky pillow that's attached to its insert.

Still, all factors considered, throw pillow designs are quite subjective, so I've included 10 of the best options in all different colors and patterns. (Unless otherwise specified, all the prices listed are for 18-by-18 inch covers.) Best of all, each one is available on Amazon for fast shipping and convenient purchasing.


The Best Overall Throw Pillows On Amazon

These best-selling pillows are affordable, washable, and come in tons of sizes and colors.

There are several reasons why HOME BRILLIANT velvet throw pillows are the number-one best selling pillows on Amazon — and deserving of the best overall title. For one, they add warmth and texture to a room in the form of solid, easy-to-match palettes. (You can choose from tons of colors and sizes.) For another, they can be machine-washed, tumble-dried, and spot-cleaned — and despite the durability, reviewers love that they're "super soft" and "very affordable."

Fabric: Velvet polyester

Pillow Inserts Included: No

Available Colors: Pure white, creamy white, cream cheese, sunflower yellow, taupe, brown, black, grass green, baby blue, turquoise, blue, navy blue, light gray, dark gray, baby pink, rose pink, red, burgundy, eggplant

Available Sizes:

  • Set of two: 16" by 16", 18" by 18", 20" by 20", 22" by 22"
  • Single pillow: 18" by 18", 24" by 24", 12" by 20", 26" by 26"


If You're Looking For Mismatched Throw Pillows

Get a casual, Bohemian feel with these pillows that feel coordinated but not matchy-matchy.

Not everything in a home needs to match perfectly, so if you're looking for mismatched accents without the effort, Woven Nook throw pillows are the way to go. They come in a set of four to provide texture, eye-catching designs, and comfort, all in an easy-to-implement monochromatic color scheme.

Fabric: Cotton and faux leather

Pillow Inserts Included: No

Available Colors: Pictured above

Available Sizes:

  • Set of four: 18" by 18", 20" by 20"


To Add A Pop Of Color To A Room

Sunshine yellow, bright coral, uplifting turquoise — these pillows come in various shades for a welcome pop of color.

Maybe texture and patterns aren't your thing. Luckily, CaliTime throw pillows forego both in lieu of eye-catching color. These pillows are made from an understated chenille that looks like clean linen from a distance. They're also machine-washable and "great quality," according to buyers.

Fabric: Poly-chenille

Pillow Inserts Included: No

Available Colors: Black, cream, burgundy, gold, teal, navy blue, coffee brown, bright yellow, deep sea blue, lake blue, light taupe, living coral, medium gray, plum purple, true white

Available Sizes:

  • Set of two: 12" by 20", 16" by 16", 18" by 18", 20" by 20", 22" by 22"


Ideal For A Touch Of Elegance

Elevate any seating area with these gold-trimmed linen throw pillows, which are available in various muted shades.

For a more sophisticated look, Phantoscope tailored throw pillows elevate the appearance of any couch or chair. The linen fabric is both classy and easy to clean — and the tailored gold trim lends itself well to chic traditional styles as well as modern farmhouse decor.

Fabric: Linen/polyester blend

Pillow Inserts Included: No

Available Colors: Green, light blue, red, gray, navy blue, lavender, orange, beige, coffee, light pink, off-white, water green

Available Sizes:

  • Set of two: 18" by 18", 20" by 20", 22" by 22", 12" by 20"
  • Single pillow: 18" by 18", 20" by 20", 22" by 22", 12" by 20"


The Best For Outdoor Use

Thanks to the water- and sun-resistant fabric, these pillows can stand up to weather, humidity, and outdoor use.

Busy patterns and bright colors work well alongside a screened-in porch or an outdoor patio — but most fabrics don't. Thankfully, these Pillow Perfect throw pillows are resistant to damage from water, weather, and sunlight. They're also washable and available in tons of interesting designs.

Fabric: Weather-resistant polyester

Pillow Inserts Included: Yes

Available Colors: Floral chocolate, black and white Fleur-de-Lis, brown and green tropical, burnt orange, carmody navy, Fairington aqua, gray and yellow bloom, geometric red, green and brown leaves, geometric teal, modern floral, green and yellow medallions, bright orange, simple floral modern, watercolor flowers, bright red, red and brown floral striped, under the sea, paisley, turquoise

Available Sizes:

  • Set of two: 18.5" by 11.5"


To Bring Texture To A Room

These plush, fluffy pillows are larger than most and come with a free faux-fur throw blanket.

Throw pillows don't have to be brightly-colored — especially if they're providing ample texture. These Comfort Spaces pillows are made from a fluffy, plush faux-fur material. They're bigger than most for extra comfort, and they even come with a free matching 50-by-60 inch throw blanket.

Fabric: Faux-fur polyester

Pillow Inserts Included: No

Available Colors: Ivory, lavender, gray

Available Sizes:

Set of two: 20" by 20"


If You Like Clean, Geometric Patterns

Get six pillow covers for $25 — all in contemporary, easy-to-match geometric patterns.

Geometric patterns are a great way to add visual interest without overwhelming the eye; that's because they're often sleek, clean, and easy to incorporate into an existing color scheme. This linen set offers enough variance to keep things interesting, but the matching colors ensure effortless consistency. In addition to the contemporary designs pictured above, you can also get plaids, gingham, and tartan. With a six-for-$25 option, it's also one of the best values.

Fabric: Cotton/linen

Pillow Inserts Included: No

Available Colors: Gray gingham, red gingham, beige gingham, neutral tartan, black and red gingham, beige and brown gingham, black and gray gingham, light blue gingham, orange gingham, yellow gingham, black mixed plaid, navy mixed plaid, green mixed plaid, red mixed plaid, black mixed geometric, gray mixed geometric, turquoise mixed geometric, navy mixed geometric, pink mixed geometric

Available Sizes:

  • Set of two: 12" by 20", 18" by 18", 20" by 20", 22" by 22", 24" by 24"
  • Set of four: 18" by 18". Set of 6: 18" by 18"
  • Single pillow: 18" by 18", 20" by 20"


If You're Looking To Further A Theme

Mermaid beach home, wanderlust-inspired cabin, movie-themed entertainment room — whatever theme you've got going, these pillows fit the bill.

Maybe you're looking for something a little more unique to fit your existing decor. In that case, these machine-washable pillow covers feature bright shades, inspiring words, and various designs to fit all kinds of themes. Whether you're furnishing a beach house, a hunting cabin, or a wanderlust-inspired apartment, these pillows are the way to go.

Fabric: Cotton

Pillow Inserts Included: No

Available Colors: Feathers, modern black and beige, blue mermaids, sea turtles, tribal prints, beach vibes, modern geometric, Happy Easter, inspirational words, multicolor beach, beer, bright geometric, multicolor trees, tropical forest, sea theme 1, sea theme 2, seaside, vintage cinema, Japan-inspired, watercolor flowers, waterweeds, wild animals, world map

Available Sizes:

  • Set of four: 18" by 18"


A Funky Throw Pillow For An Interesting Accent

These circular sunflower pillows add texture and color with their 3-D flower petals.

If a square or rectangular option is a little too dull for your style, these JWH sunflower pillows make a serious statement. They combine texture, color, and interest with their unique circular shape and 3-D petals. They're also one of the only options that comes complete with an insert — but the cover can also be removed for washing.

Fabric: Polypropylene cotton, wool, or suede

Pillow Inserts Included: Yes

Available Colors: Creamy white, beige and gray, light gray, dark gray, light gray and red, pink, rose gold, yellow, honey, red, rose red, light blue, sky blue, teal blue, dark sea green, dark cyan, mint, orange red, orange, red and yellow, purple, dark purple, wine purple, navy blue and white, navy blue and light blue

Available Sizes:

  • Single pillow: 12", 13", 14", 18"


The Best Oversized Pillows For Beds

For beds and large couches, these over-sized waffle weave pillows are 26 by 26 inches — not to mention high-quality.

When shopping for throw pillows for your bed (or an especially roomy couch), standard sizes likely won't cut it. These PHF pillows, on the other hand, are much bigger — and they have a breathable, washable waffle-weave fabric that's chic and cozy simultaneously. Reviewers say the "quality is great," but if you're looking for an over-stuffed feel, opt for a 28-inch insert instead of a 26-inch.

Fabric: Cotton

Pillow Inserts Included: No

Available Colors: White, dark gray

Available Sizes:

  • Set of two: 26" by 26"


The Overall Best Throw Pillow Inserts

Since they're filled with hypoallergenic microfiber polyester and come in various packs, sizes, and shapes, these Phantoscope inserts are some of the best available. They're over-stuffed to add more comfort to your bed or couch, and some shapes even offer a water-resistant option for outdoor use.


The Best Real Down Inserts

Since they're stuffed with real down, these feather inserts are full, luxurious, and machine-washable.

With a 100-percent cotton exterior and real, natural feather down interior, these LunarTex down inserts are extremely soft, comfortable, and luxurious. They're also machine-washable (unlike most synthetic inserts), and reviewers love them because they "stay full and hold their shape." They're also available in most standard sizes.


The Best Inserts For Over-Sized Covers

Get these pillow inserts all the way up to 36 inches, so you can stuff your most over-sized shams.

Even though they're offered in standard sizes, as well, MSD pillow inserts are ideal if you need to fill an over-sized cover or sham. They're available all the way through 36-by-36 inches — and you can choose exactly how many you want to receive, including odd-number amounts. These are filled with hypoallergenic polyester and covered with non-woven fabric, and they're machine-washable, too.

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