The 10 Warmest Gloves On Amazon


It's officially winter, a.k.a. a seriously magical time of year — but it also means it's seriously cold, meaning that it's time to find out where to buy the warmest gloves that keep your fingers nice and protected this year.

I grew up in New York, but I've spent about the last two years living in warm climates, so when I went to visit my family for Thanksgiving, I was s0 cold and hardcore wished that I had brought some warm gloves. I'll be honest, my main reason for neglecting to bring gloves or mittens is because I hate having to take them on and off while I'm texting (which totally defeats the purpose of them being warm and protective. But here's the good news: there are actually a lot of tech gloves that will keep your hands nice and comfortable in the cold that you wear while still being able to text.

There are fleece gloves, knit gloves, and wool gloves that are supremely warm, plus lots of pretty leather gloves that instantly make you feel like a badass for some reason. Whether you want to keep your hands warm while texting or simply keep 'em totally protected when it's freezing outside, there are a ton of choices to pick from. There's even a special set of gloves for people who always lose one! The next time I'm in New York in the cold, I know I'll be rocking my double-lined fleece gloves for sure.


Elegant Gloves You Can Text With In Style


VBIGER Winter Gloves Touch Screen, $12, Amazon

These beautiful gloves feature a pretty faux fur bow on the cuff. They're warm, and can be worn while texting. The thick gloves are lined and super soft. Users agree that they're very warm and beautiful, not to mention the fact that these fashionable gloves come in six different colors and styles. And because they don't have a huge price tag, you can scoop up a few pairs that will look great with all of your favorite winter coats and jackets.


Colorful & Windproof Tech Gloves You Can Text In


Mossio Winter Gloves Touch Screen, $ 11, Amazon

Nobody wants cold hands during the winter, and that's why tech gloves are the best option these days. You don't have to remove them to answer your phone or send a text, so your hands won't freeze in the harsh winter air. Plus, the colorful design of them is stylish and fun. One user can't get enough of them, "I love these gloves! Thick, warm, and touch screen friendly, perfect for the winter!"


Look Cool While Staying Warm In Leather, Fleece-Lined Tech Gloves


Lambskin Touchscreen Texting Leather Gloves (Sizes XS - L), $28, Amazon

I love leather gloves. There's just something about them that makes me feel cool. These ones are great because they're long gloves, which means they'll stay snug under your coat and keep the cold air away from your fingers. They're lined with fleece and you can use them while texting. It sounds like a stylish and functional way to stay warm this winter.


A Long Cuff You Can Roll Up To Keep The Cold Out


Cozy Design Knitted Gloves, $13, Amazon

One buyer said that these gloves are "thick and fleece-lined with a gorgeous design and cuffs that extend far enough to keep your wrists warm when they're unrolled." The ability to unroll the cuff will keep the cold out because you can fit the edge of your glove underneath your coat. That's really the best way to stay warm in the cold, winter air. Get them in four different designs and colors.


Warm Mint-Colored Gloves To Brighten Up The Winter


BYSUMMER C.C. Smart Touch Tip Cold Weather Gloves, $15, Amazon

One reviewer says that these gloves are a must need item for this winter. And they are right. These super bright and colorful gloves are perfect for texting and staying warm. They come in 17 different amazing colors and will serve as the perfect pop during the white, dreary winter. They'll keep your hands feeling toasty during your next adult snowball fight.


Wool Gloves That You Can Use Your Phone In


ELMA Touchscreen Wool Knit Gloves, $17, Amazon

These wool knit gloves come in 10 different fun colors. They're also lined, so your hands will stay extra warm since no cold air will be able to get through the wool. You can even keep them on while you're using your phone. One user said, "The thick lining also means that theses gloves are very, very warm." Another one agreed, writing, "They are warm and stylish and they fit perfectly."


Keep Fingers Warm In Plush-Lined Gloves


KMystyic Thick Knitted Warm Gloves, $14, Amazon

A reviewer from Wisconsin said that she loves these gloves, explaining that it can drop to minus-50 degrees during the winter, yet these gloves keep her hands warm regardless. Between the knit gloves and their plush lining, your hands will feel great in them. They've also got a pretty faux fur trim and come in five different colors.


A Trio Of Gloves That Gives You An Extra Just In Case


Verloop Trio Touchscreen Gloves, $38, Amazon

A big part of keeping hands warm during the winter is not losing your gloves. But, what often ends up happening is you lose only one and then you're left with one cold hand. Verloop had an awesome idea and created a set of gloves that comes with three, just in case you lose one — and let's be honest, that will probably happen someday. Your hands will stay warm and toasty all winter long, even if you misplace one at work or leave it on the train by accident.


Gloves Lined With Faux Fur Keep Hands Toasty


Winter Premium Soft Knit Warm Faux Fur Lining Gloves, $19, Amazon

Is there anything better than faux fur lining? I don't think that there is when you're trying to stay warm. These fully lined gloves will definitely keep your fingers warm and cozy during the cold winter months. Plus, you can choose between 28 different colors and styles, so you can find a pair that match your go-to coat this season.


Stylish And Fun Gloves You Can Wear During Winter Activities


LETHMIK Colorful Thick Knit Gloves Warm Winter Wool Lined, $13, Amazon

If you love to ski, snowboard, hike, sled, or ice skate, these gloves will keep your hands warm and dry this winter. The wool lined gloves come in four different colors and are super comfortable. One user said, "Gloves are very comfortable and soft. They keep my fingers nice and warm in the cold New England weather. I'm very happy and would recommend [them]."

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