Reviewers Swear By This Energy Cleansing Candle — & 10 More From Amazon You’ll Love


Whether you're looking to add some coziness to your office or just want to upgrade the ambiance at home, the best candles on Amazon will help you set just the mood you're looking for — whatever that might be.

You'll find a slew of the best-smelling candles on this list, but of course — scent is a very personal thing, which is why I've included fragrance options in a variety as wide as the rainbow, from florals to herbaceous aromas to tobacco scents. And if you want to approach shopping for scents in a more results-oriented manner, I've included candles to help relieve stress, boost your meditation practice, or even transport you to a day at the beach. I've even included a palo santo candle to help cleanse your space of negative energy.

You'll also find a couple practical options here, like safety-minded flameless candles and citronella candles that'll keep mosquitos away on summer evenings.

When you search for "candle" on Amazon, you get more than 60,000 results — with all those candles, you're definitely going to want this guide to the best candles on Amazon.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


A Road Trip Candle That Will Take You Away From It All

Can't get out on the open road? No problem. Just light this Road Trip candle, and you'll be transported to the experience and freedom of a cross-country road trip —without ever leaving home. Made with hand-poured, small batch soy wax, this pick offers up note of lime, leather, and water.

A reviewer wrote: "Hands down, THE BEST SMELL EVER!"


A Candle Made With A Scent That's Scientifically Proven To Relieve Stress

The geometric lines and rose gold finish of this stress relief candle jar almost make it a design piece. And the candle itself smells as good as it looks: Ylang-ylang, which is scientifically proven to relieve stress, is complemented by soothing chamomile and the full-bodied scents of jasmine and musk. And at 80 hours, this candle has an extra-long burn time, so you're getting fantastic bang for your buck.

A reviewer wrote: "I really enjoy the rich scent of this candle and the little shiny copper color container (4 inches high) looks great in any room or decor. The relaxing scent of ylang ylang and jasmine wafts through the house and makes it smell great!"


A Fresh Linen Scent That Reminds You Of The Joys Of Clean Laundry

With a scent that's both unobtrusive and fresh, this clean linen candle is just like burying your face in a fresh-out-of-the-dryer load of laundry. The soy candle has garnered more than 4,000 five-star reviews on Amazon who praise the clean scent and long burn time — about 45 hours. It's a great candle for the kitchen since it won't conflict with cooking smells, but the scent is versatile enough to use anywhere.

A reviewer wrote: "Very clean, and not too strong like some other brands, it burns low and slow and puts off just enough scent to fill a bathroom or small office, but not enough to give you a headache. The scent is exactly what I look for when I am looking for a fresh linen or clean sheets candle."


A Sage & Lavender Candle That Rids Your Space Of Negative Energy

Sage is a prescribed folk remedy for ridding spaces of bad juju, and this cleansing candle combines that herbaceous aroma with calming lavender to get rid negativity and welcome in some tranquility. Palo santo gives this soy candle an extra boost of vibe-shifting power for a full energy cleansing. This candle is great for yoga and meditation practices, but you can also light it at any time to ease tension and promote feelings of wellbeing.

A reviewer wrote: "I have been using this candle for relaxation, positive energy and good scent all around. I don’t want to have to burn sage or palo santo all the time, so this is the perfect way to cleanse the air and my home, easily and with an amazing aroma."


A Rustic Candle That's Reminiscent Of Grandpa's Pipe Tobacco

With its distinctive scent that's reminiscent of Grandpa's pipe, this tobacco-scented candle is complemented by the aroma of teakwood, a woody scent that's more subtle and complex than cedar. Crafted with 100 percent eco-friendly soy wax by a small company in Los Angeles, the candle is set in apothecary-style amber glass and topped with a brass lid.

A reviewer wrote: "Glorious! It smells exactly like teak wood! And the tobacco smells like the gorgeous pipe tobacco my father used to smoke. One of the best high quality candles I've ever bought."


6. A Luxury Candle From Paris That's A Celeb Favorite

A favorite of A-listers, Diptyque has been one of THE names in the candle-making industry since the early 1960s. This luxury option from France puts a focus on small-batch production runs, carefully-selected raw materials, and exquisite attention to detail and workmanship. The gardenia-scented version is Adriana Lima's go-to, and it's a heady, classic scent that symbolizes joy and happiness.

A reviewer wrote: "This candle is perfect. The scent is heavenly and it burns so nicely. It is definitely worth the expense."


A Sea Salt-Scented Candle That Smells Like A Day At The Beach

Conjure up a day at the beach with this refreshing sea salt candle. The uplifting scent is complemented by the invigorating aroma of herbaceous basil and sweet and tangy lime. All that's missing is the sound of waves and the sand between your toes. This line of candles also features other unique scents like wood sage and honey violet.

A reviewer wrote: "The scent is great and fills the room without being too overpowering. The quality of this candle is comparable to candles that cost double if not more."


A Classic-Scented Candle In A Convenient Tin For Travel & Small Spaces

Taking a candle along when you travel is one of the best ways to personalize a hotel room and make it feel like your own, but you can also use this travel candle to add fragrance to small spaces, like bathrooms and small bedrooms. And the Volcano scent is a beloved classic, conjuring up glamorous Capri with notes of tropical fruit, sugared citrus, and cypress. Keep in mind: reviewers say this one throws a lot of scent, so it's best if you like a lot of fragrance.

A reviewer wrote: "This is the most amazing candle smell I’ve ever smelled. I swear it’s addicting! Even just leaving the jar opened without it burning made my whole bedroom smell good."


A Budget Pick That Smells Just Like A Summer Garden

It's absolutely possible to spend a fortune on designer candles, but it's not necessary to spend half your paycheck to get a delightful scent that burns long, as these lemon verbena scented candles prove. Crafted from renewable ingredients, the candles throw a light, bright scent that's reminiscent of a garden, and each one burns for a total of 35 hours.

A reviewer wrote: "This is a bright and zesty springy scent that makes my whole apartment smell super clean and refreshing."


These Mosquito-Blocking Citronella Candle For Backyard Hangs

When mosquitos start dive-bombing you outside, it's time to break out the citronella candles. Made with natural soy wax and citronella essential oil, these candles are set in pretty tins that are well suited to dinners al fresco. This four-pack of candles will cover your entire back patio and steers the mosquitos away, so you can enjoy your evening in peace.

A reviewer wrote: "Great set of candles! They burn really nice and have a great scent that isn’t overpowering. [...] So much prettier than buckets and love they have a lid to keep them clean while not in use."


A Flameless Option For Enhanced Safety

For the flickering flame without actual fire, these flameless LED candles are a reviewer favorite. The set of three is designed to resemble birch logs for a rustic, cabin feel. The flameless candles inside are battery powered and can be operated via remote control— turn them on and off, set them on timers, or control the flicker. Please note: batteries are not included.

A reviewer wrote: "The moving "flames" give a very realistic effect and i love that you can adjust how bright the lighting is. The outer birch design is beautiful. You get the same movement and light of a real candle, but in a much safer way."