The 11 Best Comedy Specials Streaming Now — Including Pete Davidson's Latest

Comedy specials used to be harder to come by. In the past, people would have to check out brick and mortar clubs or hear recommendations from friends to find out about exciting up-and-coming comedians. But with the streaming era, stand-up's taken on a whole new life. The proliferation of online specials makes it all too easy to scan through and see some of the greatest comedy legends of our time — as well as the latest rising stars in the field. But with streaming comes sheer volume, so here are the 11 best comedy specials to stream now.

This week Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson drops his latest comedy special, Alive From New York, on Netflix. The special touches on everything from his high profile relationships, growing up on Staten Island, and his musings on dating. It has garnered a ton of great press, but if you're in the mood for something a bit more unexpected, there's plenty of outliers you might not have heard of. Like British comedian Jayde Adams or Los Espookys co-creator Julio Torres. Read on for the best comedy specials to stream now, no matter what you're in the kind of humor you're in the mood for.


'Pete Davidson: Alive From New York'

Davidson's latest stand-up special covers what you'd expect (his relationship with Ariana Grande, his Twitter controversy), and some things you might not, including his father's death as a 9/11 responder.

Available on Netflix.


'Ilana Glazer: The Planet Is Burning'

For anyone who's had a Glazer sized hole in their heart since Broad City went off the air, let her special serve as a balm.

Available on Amazon Prime.


'John Leguizamo: Latin History For Morons'

Starting as an effort to help his son, Leguizamo retraces 3,000 years of history from a Latinx point of view.

Available on Netflix.


'Jayde Adams: Serious Black Jumper'

Adams focuses on new feminism and the power of a black jumper.

Available on Amazon.


'Hannah Gadsby: Nanette'

In what she intended to be her last stand-up special, Gadsby reflects on what it means to be a self-deprecating comedian.

Available on Netflix.


'My Favorite Shapes, Julio Torres'

A visually-based special with a glittery vaporwave look, where objects take on as much importance as words, from the co-creator of Lost Espookys.

Available on HBO.


'Wanda Sykes: Not Normal'

Sykes is, as always, a delight. Here she talks about the president, opioids, and the fact nothing about our country is anything close to normal from a sane point of view.

Available on Netflix.


'Tig Notaro: Happy To Be Here'

Notaro deadpans about marriage, raising kids, and life around her with a mix of levity and sadness.

Available on Netflix.


'Margaret Cho: PsyCHO'

Cho reflects on the deaths of heroes Joan Rivers and Robin Williams, and how she messed up having the first show featuring an Asian family so badly they had to wait a generation before Fresh Off The Boat, among other topics.

Available on Amazon Prime.


'John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid'

The comedian's musings on marriage, having children, and meeting Bill Clinton.

Available on Netflix.


'Live in Crenshaw, Lil Rel Howery'

Shot during the magic hour in a local gym, this special is a stand out for it's look alone, but it's the rapport with the audience that truly sets it apart.

Available on HBO.