The Best Lyrics From Kehlani's New Album

by Mary Grace Garis
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Friday saw the release of Kehlani's debut album SweetSexySavage, an album that rings true to its name. The record tackles all the sweet-and-sour aspects of love in the modern age, and I trust the youthful singer to nail that. At only 21, Kehlani has started to make an impression on the music world, popping up to show her prowess here, there, and everywhere.

Of course, if you're not paying attention, you may think that the songstress had been staying under the radar until now. But this has been a long time coming; Kehlani first made waves while auditioning for America's Got Talent in 2011 with her former group PopLyfe. After breaking free, she released a series of mixtapes, including the Grammy-nominated You Should Be Here. And, after popping up to lend her vocals to Zayn's "Wrong" in 2016, it became clear that she was ready for her own fully-formed LP. Enter SweetSexySavage.

The album is straightforward in tackling the hardships of loving all the wrong people, or even just being that wrong person people fall in love with. Kehlani has seemed to experienced a bit of both. Whatever the case may be, I rounded up some lyrics off her debut album that pinpoint dealing with heartbreak, dolling out heartbreak, and everything in between.

"Just Tell Me That I Was Worth A Million Smiles, And Tell Me That I Was Worth A Million Miles, And Tryna Make Sure That I Forget The Times That You Made Me Think That I Just Couldn't Shine"

Oh, the devastation that comes with loving someone who makes you feel worthless when they should be singing your praises.

"Slidin' Under Covers, Undercover. They Don't Wanna See It Happen"

I enjoy the "covers, undercover" pairing, because, when you're hooking up with someone you shouldn't be, you do feel like James Bond.

"I'mma Save Your Name Under Somethin' Else. I'm A Keep Your Things Deep In Myself. I'mma Tweet Our Inside Jokes To The Outside World"

This isn't necessarily masterful prose, but the relatability factor is big. I've seen the tweeting inside jokes thing, guys. We've all seen it.

"Pull Up Score When I Want To. Best Thing, Next To Heaven. They Be Tryna Count Me Out Though. I'm Just Countin' Blessings"

"Best thing next to heaven" is a baller line to put on your business card.

"I'm Hungry, I'm Starving, Remaining A Topic Never An Option, Got Your Undivided Whenever I'm Plotting"

Men only pay attention to you when you're evil; I think that could be the subtext here.

"Whole Bookshelf Of Stories By Her Knees"

Somebody's going to make this their Tinder profile.

"Just Admit You Hate Being Alone. Know You Allowed To Know I'm Sitting Right Beside Your Throne"

If you're trying to crack through someone too proud to admit their wrong, comparing them to royalty might help.

"My Swollen Heart You Curve, Your Comfort Makes It Worse"

Sometimes the only thing worse than receiving cruelty is contrasting it with someone's sweetness and not knowing what's the true reality.

"You Liked It When I Used To Leave A Wound And Promise I Would Come And Kiss It"

Sometimes you are the cruel-to-kind one, and there's a sick sense of power in that.

"Strange For Me To Wanna Love Someone Who's Better By Themselves. Hate To Know That I Made You Crazy For Myself"

A classic conundrum to pursue someone who really should never be in a relationship... ever.

"Love Like A Gun, It Leaves Me Stunned Out On The Floor And I Just Can't Get Up"

If love doesn't leave you fetal-positioning it at some point, is it even worth the fight?

Kehlani is so relatable and so so good, just like her album.