The 11 Best Straw Bags For Every Summer Occasion

Summer is here, which means it's time to bust out those quirky bags. With a new season comes a brand new trends, and this year it's straw bags. They're bigger and better than ever, too. In fact, there's a straw bag for every single occasion. It's never been easier to nail the trend because there are approximately 37,000 different ways to rock it and you can't do it wrong.

Every once and a while a trend comes around that every single person on the planet can nail. The straw bag is that trend. Whether you're looking for a beach bag, everyday bag, or just something fun and quirky for a special event, there is one out there for you. Seriously, it's almost too easy to rock this trend.

There's eco-friendly options, charitable designs, and ones for those of you looking to splurge a little. Not to mention that there are also tons of different colors to choose from. It's almost too good to be true.

Don't just take my word for it though. Here are 11 bags that prove that the straw bag is here to stay for the season. Be warned though, you will want to buy more than one.

1. The Everyday Handbag




With a bag like this, every moment is Instagram-worthy. This is the perfect way to take the traditional straw bag and go a little more extra with it. Whether you're off to a picnic or just taking a stroll around the shops, this eco-friendly bag will have everything that you need.

2. The Pride Bag

Rainbow Pom Pom Pride Bag



If you're looking for a trendy way to celebrate pride all summer long, this is the bag for you. The simple addition of the six multi-colored pom poms makes this a great way to celebrate pride all season long.

3. The On-The-Go Bag

Natural Straw Circle Crossbody Bag With Tassel


World Market

This bag is the one for all the on-the-go trendsetters out there. Because there are short and long straps, you can wear this as you're hopping on a plane or running from taxi to taxi.

4. The Special Occasion Bag

Gypsy Rose Clutch


Betsey Johnson

You know that bag that takes an outfit from causal to dressy with just one slip of a strap? Here you go. The floral detailing is great for parties, weddings, and even formal date night.

5. The Casual Day Bag

Boho Round Straw Bag


Of all the bags on the list, this one can do the most. It's not exactly the most dressy, but the little tassels on the top make it a little more extra than your typical straw bag.

6. The Amusement Park Bag

Kitsch Sprinkles On Top Crossbody


Betsey Johnson

Nothing says, "I'm ready for a day of fun" quite like a straw bag that looks like an ice-cream cone. It's completely functional too, so your stuff cans tay put in-between rides.

7. The Vacation Bag

Straw Tote — Out Of Office


White Elephant Designs

You can probably see why this is the perfect vacation bag. Everyone will know that you're "out of office" at first glance. Email away message not included.

8. The Fourth of July Bag

USA July 4th Ombré Raffia Bow Round Straw Handwoven Crossbody Bag



Arguably the biggest event of summer is Fourth of July, so you might as well have a super fun bag to go with it. This dainty little bow bag can go straight from summer to fall with ease.

9. The Disney Trip Bag

New Style Minnie Mouse Handmade Rattan Bag Cartoon Women's Purse Lovely Girls St



This one is for all of you planning your next trip to Disney. Because it wouldn't be summer without some Minnie ears. Bonus points that it's so darn cute too.

10. The Party Bag

Kama Tote



The polka dots and the fringe make the recipe for the ultimate party purse. It's got a pop of color and a whole lot of room to carry everything you need for your mid-night touch up.

11. The Ultimate Beach Bag

Straw Beach Bag



What makes this the perfect beach bag, besides the incredible look, is that there's room for everything you could possibly need. Throw in your towels, sunblock, sunglasses, and everything in-between.

There's a trendy bag for every single summer occasion.