The 12 Best Lap Desks

Laptops have given us all a wonderful opportunity to work from bed, sit on the couch, or camp out in a bean bag chair. But if you want to take your laptop time to the next level, the best lap desks will turn any place you choose to sit into a legit workspace.

When you think about it — despite the name — using a laptop directly on top of your lap isn't the most comfortable. The computer gets hot, it jiggles around every time you move, and it's not that fun to have laptop-shaped marks all over your thighs after an hour of Netflix. But a great lap desk keeps your computer supported and your things safe from heat.

Lap desks may be small, but they give you everything you need for a perfect mini-workspace. There are lap desks that adjust, so you can type at the perfect angle to ease wrist pain. Some have cupholders and built in phone and tablet holders, so you can keep all your work materials in one place. And there's even lap desks with built-in fans that keep your laptop from overheating.

These lap desks make your couch the perfect office. So, fluff up your pillows and get ready to work!

1. A Lap Desk With A Built-In Fan That Keeps Your Laptop From Overheating


Nnewvante Adjustable Laptop Desk with USB Fan, $37, Amazon

If your computer tends to run hot, this lap desk might be a lifesaver. The all-bamboo desk includes a USB powered fan to keep your laptop cool as you work. Not only is that awesome, it might increase the lifespan of your computer. The tray has adjustable angles for comfortable typing and the handmade look is classy and cute.

2. An Adjustable Lap Desk That Doubles As A Standing Desk


Avantree College Adjustable Laptop Table, $45, Amazon

Standing, sitting, laying on the floor — all of these become perfect ways to work with this adjustable desk. The sturdy stand adjusts to a variety of angles, so your wrists will feel great while you type away. Then, place this stand on any table and you get a standing desk. So, whether you're in bed or standing tall, this desk has you covered.

3. A Lap Desk With Space For Everything


Green Forest Foldable Laptop Desk Stand, $30, Amazon

It may look like a simple stand, but this laptop desk is insanely practical. The surface has two adjustable sides with four different angle options. So, you can set your drink on the flat side and keep your laptop at the perfect angle for typing. The legs fold flat for easy storage and the simple look goes well with any living or bedroom decor.

4. A Desk That Protects Your Thighs With Fuzzy Fleece


LapGear MyDesk 15, $17, Amazon

Who knew that fleece lined desks existed? This lap desk provides a hard surface that makes writing easier. Plus, there are special holders for your phone, pens, and any other little office supplies you need. But the best part is the insanely comfortable, furry base. The bottom is cushioned with two supportive pillows that are covered in cozy fleece. It's the comfiest desk you'll ever use.

5. An Ergonomic Lap Desk That Supports Your Wrists


LapGear Lap Desk With Mousepads and Wrist Rest, $29, Amazon

Carpal tunnel is no joke. So, if your wrists are getting a little creaky, give this desk a try. With built-in mousepads and cushions for your lap, this desk aims to be as practical and comfortable as possible. But the best part is the wrist rest. The ergonomic pad makes typing super comfortable and keeps your laptop from sliding around.

6. An Eco-Friendly Bamboo Lap Desk


Bamboo Eco Premium Lap Desk, $30, Amazon

If you want a simple, portable desk to support your laptop, this is it. This eco friendly bamboo laptop desk has everything you need in the simplest form. It has a built in mouse pad, tablet holder, and a slotted space for your laptop. The open slats of bamboo keep your computer (and your lap) cool. It's lightweight design makes it easy to carry and small enough that you can store it almost anywhere.

7. A Tiny Lap Desk Made For Tablets


Sofia+Sam All Purpose Lap Desk, $35, Amazon

Turn your tablet into your main computer with this tiny lap desk. The padded desk has a slot specifically designed to hold your table upright as you type away on a bluetooth keyboard. It makes writing with your tablet a million times easier and gives you a comfortable way to work from your couch.

8. A Desk With Its Own Light


Sofia+Sam Mult Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk with USB Light, $48, Amazon

This desk is the ultimate in-bed workspace. You get a sturdy surface with memory foam cushion, a pull out shelf for your phone, a slot for your tablet, and a cute little lamp. Honestly, you don't even have to get up to turn on the lights, just wake up, switch on the desk lamp and get to work.

9. A Simple Portable Desk You Can Place On Any Surface


Nnewvante Portable Laptop Desk, $24, Amazon

Sometimes, all you need is a place to put your laptop. This desk is pretty much a mini table you can use in bed. With no unnecessary frills, it's the simplest desk you can find while the bright blue color makes it extra adorable.

10. A Little Tray With A Colorful Design


LapGear Lap Desk Designer XL Bamboo, $35, Amazon

If you want to add a little more color into your office decor, this bamboo tray does just that. The comfortable padding is swathed in a bright teal with trellis design, and the cushions are angled to give you the perfect typing surface. It's simple, it's cute, it's colorful. Your lap will love it.

11. A Little Desk With Old School Charm


Schoolhouse Wood Lap Desk, $42, Amazon

If you miss the days of sitting at a wooden desk and doodling "I Love Weezer" on your homework, you've got to get this desk. The wooden lap desk really brings the old school vibes. The cushioned bottom keeps the desk comfortable, while the hard wood exterior looks great and is incredibly sturdy. Plus, it has a padded storage space big enough for all your work accoutrements and a 17-inch laptop.

12. A Two-In-One Desk With Laptop Storage


BirdRock Home Bamboo Laptop Desk with Laptop Storage, $33, Amazon

Portable and comfortable all at the same time, this desk has everything you need. The bamboo top provides a flat, sturdy surface for your working needs, while the padded bottom doubles as a laptop case. So, you can carry your computer around and have a desk at the ready wherever you go.

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