The 13 Best Goal Setting Journals

I'm an extremely organized person, but this is a relatively recent development. As a teenager, I had a huge problem with procrastination and forgetfulness, and that didn't change until I decided to implement new habits. Writing things down was my saving grace, and the best goal setting journals deserve all the credit.

Now, I consider my planner an extension of my brain. I plot everything from year-long goals to daily grocery reminders. Without it, my head is a jumbled mess. But with it, I can tackle a whole lot more in way less time. I can also enjoy my sleep, downtime, and meditation practices way more, because I no longer have to-do lists swarming around in my head.

These genius planners help you achieve your goals, but they're so much more than your average journal. For one, they're all undated, so you can start, stop, and take breaks without feeling that all consuming paper-wasting guilt. For another, they utilize scientifically proven methods, fun activities, and smart structures to help you get the most out of your day. Some are geared towards creativity while others are made for work, but all of them have glowing reviews from real people to back them up.

1. A Planner With Scientific Strategies For All Areas Of Your Life

Panda Planner



With over 2,000 reviews, the Panda Planner is helping people get more done every day. In addition to monthly, weekly, and daily sections, it comes with free videos and e-books to show you scientific strategies that can help in all areas of your life. "Please trust my word on this one," says one reviewer. "This is the best thing you can do for your mental and physical health that is drug free and works immediately!"

2. A Planner Designed To Help You Implement Healthy Habits

Freedom Mastery Weekly Success and Life Planner



This planner is ideal for those who want to learn how to manifest new and exciting things into their lives. It uses prompts, to-do lists, gratitude sections, and goal-setting to create healthy habits. One reviewer raves, "I love this planner because it seriously helps me declutter my brain and remind me of my purpose."

3. A Planner That Uses Positive Psychology To Keep You Motivated

The Simple Elephant Planner



The Simple Elephant Planner hacks your happiness using positive psychology tactics like affirmations, goals, and gratitude statements. It also helps you to conceptualize your goals, organize your schedule, and overcome procrastination with a functional system, and comes with stickers, an accordion folder, and bookmarks.

4. A Planner That Helps You Create Action Plans For Achieving Long-Term Goals

Ignited Life Planner



With three simple steps, you can identify and prioritize your 15 most important goals, whether it's career, school, or something in your personal life. Each weekly and monthly page in this planner highlights action steps and project plans, so you can move ahead with what's most important to you. "This planner is just what I have been looking for. It combines goals you set with year, month, week and daily ways to achieve them with working a job and having a family," says one reviewer.

5. A Unique Planner That Includes Fun Activities

The Path Planner



This epic planner features proven principles from the world's top achievers to help you get more done. In addition to goals, actions, advice, and lists, it's also got super fun activities like colorable mandalas and a printable vision board. "As an incoming college student, this planner is perfect!" says one reviewer. "Additionally, it has many creative and fun places and outlets unlike other planners."

6. A Planner That's All About Finding Balance In Your Schedule

Transcending Waves Planner



The Transcending Waves Planner is specifically designed to help you achieve balance in your life. It allows you to plot your to do plans, dates, gratitude levels, expenses, and even helps to eliminate bad habits. It's also beautifully constructed with leather and thick rich pages.

7. A Planner That Helps You Break Down Your Schedule By The Half Hour

Always Satisfied Daily Planner



This daily planner prioritizes your schedule with half hour time slots, focused goals, and action lists. There's also a little room for self-care, too — you can write down what you're grateful for and what you're hoping for, and reviewers love the motivational quotes.

8. A Planner That Helps Track Your Professional Progress

Daily Career Journal



The Daily Career Journal features scientific approaches to tracking your incremental progress, making it so much easier to gain the confidence, satisfaction, and drive you need to move ahead in your job. All you need to do is follow the system provided in the first few pages and fill out the daily prompts.

9. A Planner With An Awesome Name & Even Better Design

Prettysweeeet Planner



How could you go wrong with a name like that? The Prettysweeeet Planner has 290 pages filled with beautiful designs, clean layouts, and stylish fonts. It breaks your time down by weekly and monthly intervals so you can set your goals, schedule, and finances. It's also got free space for notes.

10. A Practical Planner That Just Happens To Come With The Cutest Stickers

Bullet Journal



Yes, the Bullet Journal has spots for your tasks, appointments, and goals, but you can also create a gratitude log, track your workouts, plan your budget, or write lists. It has perforated dotted pages, and even comes with emoji stickers, a gel pen, erasable page dividers, and a soft ruler.

11. A Planner That Aims To Help You Overcome Procrastination

Powerful Planner



The Powerful Planner combines time management, goal setting, and law of attraction to help you transform your life long-term. It instills great habits that help you to overcome procrastination, get super organized, and manifest the things you want, and even lets you plot your day hourly. Basically, it's like having your own life coach whenever you need it.

12. A Planner That's Great For Busy People Who Don't Have Much Time To Spare

The Go Journal



Plan your goals in just ten minutes a day with The Go Journal. It's designed for busy people with busy schedules, and helps you dream big with just two simple sections for morning and night. Each has quick questions to help you center your attention and give gratitude for the things in your life. It's also got a section for brainstorming longer goals if you find yourself with a bit more time.

13. A Planner Designed For The List-Makers Of The World

Bloom Daily Planners List Planner



So you're big into lists, and lengthy writing prompts just stress you out. No problem. The Bloom Daily Planners To-Do planner organizes your whole day with quick, simple lists — what to buy, what to eat, how you'll exercise, and of course, your most prioritized to-dos. It comes in three gorgeous designs and reviewers say, "Greatest creation for crazy busy list-making moms like me!"

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