The 13 Best Goal Setting Journals


I'm an extremely organized person, but this is a relatively recent development. As a teenager, I had a huge problem with procrastination and forgetfulness, and that didn't change until I decided to implement new habits. Writing things down was my saving grace, and the best goal setting journals deserve all the credit.

Now, I consider my planner an extension of my brain. I plot everything from year-long goals to daily grocery reminders. Without it, my head is a jumbled mess. But with it, I can tackle a whole lot more in way less time. I can also enjoy my sleep, downtime, and meditation practices way more, because I no longer have to-do lists swarming around in my head.

These genius planners help you achieve your goals, but they're so much more than your average journal. For one, they're all undated, so you can start, stop, and take breaks without feeling that all consuming paper-wasting guilt. For another, they utilize scientifically proven methods, fun activities, and smart structures to help you get the most out of your day. Some are geared towards creativity while others are made for work, but all of them have glowing reviews from real people to back them up.

1. Panda Planner

With over 5,000 reviews, the Panda Planner is helping people get more done every day. In addition to monthly, weekly, and daily sections, it comes with free videos and e-books to show you scientific strategies that can help in all areas of your life.

A Journal With Scientific Strategies For All Areas Of Your Life

What fans say: "I love my panda planner! This is the first planner that I have had that is not only time oriented, but caters to those aspiring for greatness! My panda planner lets me set appointments, track my workout regime, and set personal goals all at the same time! Also, since the panda planner comes undated, (which gave me instant anxiety upon discovering) you actually don’t have to feel bad about yourself when you accidentally miss a day of filling it out!"

2. Freedom Mastery 2020 Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner

This planner is ideal for those who want to learn how to manifest new and exciting things into their lives. It uses prompts, to-do lists, gratitude sections, and goal-setting to create healthy habits. This wildly-popular goal setting journal comes with stickers you can outfit your journal with, and even an included video course for how to establish a 10-minute morning routine.

A Journal Designed To Help You Implement Healthy Habits

What fans say: "This planner is amazing! I have spent thousands, yes thousands of dollars on different planner systems and this is the only one I don't want to switch out. It has everything I need from goal setting, journaling prompts, daily and monthly planning as well as mood boosting affirmations. I want to buy a dozen undated ones just in case they stop making it. I have found my forever planner system!!!"

3. The Simple Elephant Planner

The Simple Elephant Planner hacks your happiness using positive psychology tactics like affirmations, goals, and gratitude statements. It also helps you to conceptualize your goals, organize your schedule, and overcome procrastination with a functional system, and comes with stickers, an accordion folder, and bookmarks.

A Journal That Uses Positive Psychology To Keep You Motivated

What fans say: "This planner is really awesome. It helped me set goals for the new year and even will remind me to look back at them with the cute little elephant symbol. It has monthly and weekly planning pages; it also has a place for notes. Plus you work on weekly goals and tracks your success."

4. Ignited Life Planner

With three simple steps, you can identify and prioritize your 15 most important goals, whether it's career, school, or something in your personal life. Each weekly and monthly page in this planner highlights action steps and project plans, so you can move ahead with what's most important to you.

A Planner That Helps You Create Action Plans For Achieving Long-Term Goals

What fans say: "This planner is just what I have been looking for. It combines goals you set with year, month, week and daily ways to achieve them with working a job and having a family."

5. SELF Journal by BestSelf

This epic planner includes a daily gratitude acknowledgement, places to track your goals on a weekly basis, and even features inspirational quotes interspersed in the pages to keep you motivated. This 13-week undated journal is great for shorter-term goals, and for getting into the daily practice.

An Undated Planner Great For Tracking Weekly Goals

What fans say: "This journal is what I would create for myself if I created the perfect journal. I have literally been printing out my own journal pages for the last year because I just couldn't find one that worked for me. They are all either too "time management" focused or too "define your goals and dreams "focused.""

6. Transcending Waves Planner

The Transcending Waves Planner is specifically designed to help you achieve balance in your life. It allows you to plot your to do plans, dates, gratitude levels, expenses, and even helps to eliminate bad habits. It's also beautifully constructed with leather and thick rich pages.

A Journal That's All About Finding Balance In Your Schedule

What fans say: "One of the best investments you can make! A great way to start taking control of your life by being much more engaged in it as well as reflecting on it. If you apply the discipline of using this planner every day and use it to help focus on your goals and desires then i [don't] think you can go wrong or will be disappointed with this product but you have to make the commitment to use it everyday!"

7. Mountain Planner Pro

This daily planner prioritizes your schedule with half-hour time slots from 6 in the morning to 9 at night, plus tasks, priorities, and daily missions. There's also a little room for self-care, too — you can write down what you're grateful for and what you're hoping for, and reviewers love the monthly and weekly spreads, too.

A Journal That Helps You Break Down Your Schedule By The Half Hour

What fans say: "Great planner. Love that it's both a blank slate but at the same time gives a structure for getting my life together. Small touches will make it really user-friendly, like having more than one bookmark and the handy folder in the back (hello receipts and hastily scribbled notes!). My phone can do everything but it's a lot easier to get (and stay) organized when I have it all in front of me and being able to look at the big picture in this planner."

8. Daily Career Journal

The Daily Career Journal features scientific approaches to tracking your incremental progress, making it so much easier to gain the confidence, satisfaction, and drive you need to move ahead in your job. All you need to do is follow the system provided in the first few pages and fill out the daily prompts.

A Planner That Helps Track Your Professional Progress

What fans say: "I recently bought the this to help me keep track of my goals. It provides a great structure to feeling a sense of accomplishment on almost a daily basis. I use to this mentally on my commute home, but now I try to go through the steps laid out in the journal before bed and it works as a great source of reflecting on the day and planning for the following day."

9. Legend Planner

How could you go wrong with a name like that? The Legend Planner has 52 weeks filled with beautiful designs, clean layouts, and stylish fonts. It breaks your time down by weekly and monthly intervals so you can track your goals, schedule, and habits. It's also got free bulleted space for creativity — and comes with tons of bonus stickers.

A Planner With An Awesome Name & Even Better Design

What fans say: "Thank you for this planner it’s wonderful. I want to get myself together for the new year, less social media and more In tuned with myself. I’ve already began writing but I love how there are different sections in your planner. For instance, you can write about your 1 year goals as well as 3 month goals it’s perfect. Thank you I definitely recommend."

10. Me & My Big Ideas Planner Box

Yes, the Me & My Big ideas set includes an undated monthly planner with pretty photographs and inspirational sayings — but it also comes with tons of freebies to make organizing your life way more enjoyable. In addition to four sheets of super adorable stickers, this pick also has two magnetic bookmarks and four sticky pads for notes.

A Practical Planner That Just Happens To Come With The Cutest Stickers

What fans say: "I am obsessed with this planner! It is perfect for tracking my fitness and diet goals and the stickers are very cute. I really like that it is for 12 months and you can start whenever you want (it is blank and comes with stickers to put on each tab). I love that I can buy fillers that easily add into the rings and keep my same planner--definitely saves money!"

11. Powerful Planner

The Powerful Planner combines time management, goal setting, and law of attraction to help you transform your life long-term. It instills great habits that help you to overcome procrastination, get super organized, and manifest the things you want, and even lets you plot your day hourly. Basically, it's like having your own life coach whenever you need it.

A Planner That Aims To Help You Overcome Procrastination

What fans say: "I am absolutely in LOVE with this planner! For years I have used other daily planners and tools (even apps on my iPhone) but it always seemed like I had to juggle multiple lists and planners because none of them had "one stop shop" approach. The Freedom Planner bridges so many gaps and brings it all together. It helped me get my yearly goals defined then forced me to come up with an easy to follow action plan. I don't feel overwhelmed trying to reach my goals like I used to."

12. The Phoenix Journal

The Phoenix Journal allows you to set goals week by week, list sub efforts underneath each goal so you can stay motivated by checking off small steps toward your larger achievements. It also provides you with check boxes to remind you to make your goals specific, actionable, and measurable, and even has a spot for you to write what you're most excited for the next week. This specific journal is 12 weeks long and undated, so keep this in mind when shopping.

A No-Frills Planner Great For Setting SMART Goals

What fans say: "This journal makes you check in with yourself often to see how your progress is on your goals and keeps you accountable day by day. It clearly explains the logic behind its methods and is a compilation of many guru's goal achievement plans. I would definitely recommend this journal for those looking to set goals as well as those who aren't- there is always room for improvement in one's life! I don't normally review products but this one really transformed my outlook on goal setting so I wanted to share that with others."

13. Bloom Daily Planners List Planner

So you're big into lists, and lengthy writing prompts just stress you out. No problem. The Bloom Daily Planners To-Do planner organizes your whole day with quick, simple lists — what to buy, what to eat, how you'll exercise, and of course, your most prioritized to-dos. It comes in three gorgeous designs and reviewers say, "Greatest creation for crazy busy list-making moms like me!"

A Planner Designed For The List-Makers Of The World

What fans say: "For those like me who live off of to-do lists, this is the planner for you! It allows you to track major appointments or activities while also keeping a running list of all the things you need to get done - and who doesn't love checking things off their to-do list? Also has a section to track what you had for each meal, what your water intake was, things you were grateful for that day (a great way to not only take in your day as a whole but to also refocus and re-channel your energy on the positive)... I love this planner! I recommend it to everyone!"

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