These Oil Diffusers Will Make Any Space Smell Great (& Many Are $20 Or Less On Amazon)


One of the most popular ways to add a little scent to a home is with a diffuser. While they vary in style, the best oil diffusers on Amazon are all easy to use and smell great. Electronic diffusers vary from tiny to large to suit spaces of all sizes, but most units feature several mist settings (so they double as mini humidifiers), timers, and multiple LED light colors to customize your experience. However, they’re not the only option. There are also many reed and candle diffusers out there if you prefer that vibe or just don’t want a unit you have to plug in.

To get the most out of your electronic or candle-powered diffuser, you’ll want potent essential oils. Each oil has its own benefits, but some of the most popular essential oils include eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, and orange which are said to help with everything from cough relief to reducing stress. You can even combine oils for your desired smell and effects. To get a quality oil, look for undiluted oils and make sure they arrive in dark glass bottles, since essential oils break down plastic and are light sensitive. If you’re looking for an essential oil set that includes many therapeutic favorites, there’s one included at the end of this list, too.

No matter which diffuser style you prefer, these are the best oil diffusers on Amazon to pair with all of your favorite scents.


A Cult-Favorite Diffuser With More Than 30,000 Reviews

This cult-favorite essential oil diffuser with a 100-milliliter capacity has more than 30,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.4-star overall rating, and it covers all the basics at a great price. You can choose from two mist modes: The continuous mode works for three hours, while the intermittent mode works for six hours per refill. It features seven LED colors, so you can match your mood or home decor, or turn off the light feature completely. There’s also an auto-shutoff feature when the water runs out.

"This is a really great diffuser, especially for a first timer like myself. It's small and simple and also succeeds in freshening up my entire room," wrote one fan.


A Wood Grain-Style Diffuser

Get up to 10 hours of mist with this BPA-free wood grain-style diffuser. It features seven calming colors, which you can set to bright or dim, and you can opt for rotating colors or one fixed shade. The mist can be set to standard or strong modes, and you can have continuous mist or set it on a one-, three-, or six-hour timer. When the 300-milliliter water tank is empty, the diffuser automatically shuts off.

"It's so quiet!" noted one shopper. "And I love that it has various settings for the lights and the duration of the steam."


A Minimalist Ultrasonic Diffuser That's Great For Kids & Pets

This sleek essential oil diffuser is BPA-free, has a 300-milliliter capacity, and offers six to eight hours of continuous use. There are three timer settings (one, three, or six hours) as well as an auto-shutoff feature. It also has seven soothing light color options. What sets it apart is its ultrasonic technology that breaks water and essential oils put without heat so it better maintains the integrity of the oils, according to the manufacturer. It also means it doesn't get as hot as some other choices so it's safer for use around pets and children.

"This has been the best diffuser I have owned so far. Very quiet, sleek looking, and very simple to use and clean," wrote one enthusiastic reviewer.


An Extra-Large Capacity Diffuser

For an extra-large capacity essential oil diffuser, opt for this BPA-free 1,500-milliliter version that works for spaces up to 450 square feet. It offers 10 to 20 hours of operation on one refill, and you control the mist output with the rotating knob on the front. The vapor nozzle rotates 360 degrees, offering control over mist direction. The diffuser turns off automatically when the water runs out. Plus, its seven colored light options can be set to bright or dim.


A Quiet Diffuser With A Special Sleep Mode

This compact essential oil diffuser with 150-milliliter capacity is BPA-free and boasts super-quiet performance, thanks its noise-reducing cover and high-performance motor. Choose between high mist mode or sleep mode, which defaults to no light and a low mist output. If you want colored light, there are eight soothing shades to choose from. It also automatically turns off when the water runs out. "This is the best little diffuser for sleeping. [It 's] very quiet and last for at least 8 1/2 hours - 9 hours, if it's filled to the max line," noted one well-rested shopper.


The Best Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

This diffuser and essential oil set is a perfect starter kit for aromatherapy beginners or as a gift. The 300-milliliter capacity, BPA-free diffuser features seven light colors with bright and dim settings. You can also select a mist intensity and choose continuous mist or three timed settings: every one, three, or six hours. The set includes 10 essential oils in protective amber glass: lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, orange, peppermint, lemongrass, jasmine, nutmeg, clove, and spearmint.

One happy shopper wrote: "The essential oils that come with it are delicious in scent and not overwhelming. I am incredibly pleased with this purchase and highly recommend it."


A Diffuser With A Remote Control

This BPA-free, 300-milliliter capacity essential oil diffuser comes with a remote control for extra convenience. It offers up to eight hours of continuous use, or select a two- or four-hour timer. The auto-shutoff feature kicks in when the tank is empty. Plus, there are seven LED color options to choose from.

"This oil diffuser is so cute! It is compact, easy to use and clean. I like having the remote control for better range and easy control," wrote one fan.


A Cute Ceramic Pineapple Diffuser

In addition to its aromatherapy benefits, this pineapple-shaped ceramic essential oil diffuser adds a bit of fun to your decor. It’s BPA-free and has a 160-milliliter capacity, plus it turns off automatically when the water runs out. There are seven LED color options, and you can have them cycle or stay on one fixed color.

"This is a really pretty decorative essential oil diffuser," wrote one shopper. "It is a nice size and fits in on a shelf or table like any other decoration."


A Diffuser With Cool Metal Cutouts

This 250-milliliter essential oil diffuser features a pretty cutout metal cover. It’s BPA-free and offers up to 10 hours of continuous mist, and it has an auto-shutoff feature when the tank is empty. In addition to an auto setting, there are three timer settings for every one, three, or five hours. Choose from seven color settings to suit your mood.

"I looked at a lot of products, and I’m really happy with my purchase because this one is simple to use and really pretty," one shopper commented.


A Mood-Setting Tealight Diffuser

Cast a relaxing glow in your home with this cute tealight essential oil burner. The hand-crafted burner is made of white unglazed ceramic and has space for a small candle. To use the burner, add water and essential oils or aromatherapy wax into the warmer and light the candle below. Whether you are limited on plugs or like that these are very easy to clean, it's a great alternative to electronic units.

"I absolutely love these ceramic tealight holders. They look lovely when lit, really easy to clean and a nice compact size," one shopper noted.


A Low-Maintenance Reed Diffuser (That Smells Amazing)

For a super low-maintenance option, this reed diffuser is a great choice. The bottle contains a scented oil which are absorbed by the reeds and slowly released into your home. Simply flip the reeds every one or two weeks for long-lasting fragrance. And unlike electronic or tealight diffusers, there's almost zero cleaning involved. With dozens of scents to choose from ranging from fresh and light to dark and rich, there's something to suit any home. And one customer noted that it lasts for many months.


A Less Expensive Reed Diffuser

If you love the idea of skipping cleanup but want a more budget-friendly option, consider this reed diffuser set from Old Factory. Available in lemongrass and fresh linen scents, you don't get as much choice with this, but it's also a fraction of the price and has a 4.3-star rating. It'll scent your room for about 60 days.


An Adorable Cactus-Shaped Diffuser

This adorable cactus-shaped oil diffuser looks like a regular flower pot but discreetly releases a fruity, floral oil scent. The cactus is a gypsum reed, which absorbs the fragrance and then slowly diffuses it into the room. "Came in super-adorable packaging with oil in the diffuser AND an extra refill," wrote one happy shopper. "Scent is lovely: fresh and not overpowering."


Also Great: An Essential Oil Set

This affordable essential oil gift set includes bottles of six popular scents: lemongrass, peppermint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree. And it's a great way to get started with a diffuser and come in a gift case. "I got these and a steam diffuser on a whim and I've been delighted with how they make my house smell. [...] We have fun picking out a new combination each day," one reviewer raved.

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