The 13 Travel Beauty Products Every Woman Needs

by Taylor Fuller

Packing anything is hard, but the laundry list of rules surrounding what beauty products you can bring on a plane can make packing all of the cosmetics you need for your trip feel nearly impossible. The best travel beauty products are the ones that you'll happily incorporate into your regular beauty routine once you're back to reality. So, now isn't the time to settle for spending on a cleanser you don't really love, but just happens to be under 3.4 ounces. There are many TSA approved products, some with innovative formulas that aren't even liquids, that you'll actually be excited about using the night you unpack at your destination.

Opt for solid versions of the products you need — like shampoo, conditioner, and even facial oil — and you'll save more than enough room in your quart bag for the liquids you actually need. And, if you're going to be on a long-haul flight, a sheet mask, lip balm, and face mist can keep you from feeling desert-dry when you land.

These 13 travel beauty products will save you from missing your in house collection, so you can get to globe-trotting with all the comforts of your own bathroom within reach.


This Powder Cleanser That Becomes A Gentle Foaming Cleanser When Applied To A Wet Face

This enzyme cleansing powder is a great alternative to liquid face cleansers that can bust during a flight, leaving a mess in your bag. To use this powder, simply wet your face and pour a bit into your damp hands. Rub your hands together to create a rich and gentle foam. gentle. The formula uses enzymes to cleanse your skin, which have the added benefit of being a mild chemical exfoliant. One user said, "This did not dry out my skin, mildly exfoliates, left my skin very soft, and feeling super clean...My face is very happy."


This Solid Facial Oil That Doubles As A Highlighter

This facial oil stick is the perfect travel-companion for people with dry skin. It can applied alone, or under your regular moisturizer, for an instant boost of hydration. Or, leave your highlighter at home and apply this oil to your cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of your nose for a dewy glow. The formula features white truffle oil which helps to create a barrier between your skin and the air, shielding your skin from dryness and potential irritants.


Keep Skin Hydrated At 35,000 Feet With This Soothing Sheet Mask

The air on planes is notoriously dry, and even oily skin types are not immune to feeling parched long before it's time to land. Applying a sheet mask early on in your flight helps lock moisture deep into the skin, staving off extreme dryness.

Dr. Jart's hydrating sheet masks are thoroughly soaked in soothing and hydrating ingredients — including aloe vera and bamboo extracts — that help protect your skin from losing moisture and calm redness associated with dryness. These sheet masks are made from cellulose, which is known to adhere more easily to the skin than cotton sheet masks, so they won't be slipping off your face mid-flight!


Save Room For Your Liquids With This Solid Shampoo

Have you ever used solid bar shampoo? They are a great alternative to packing a liquid shampoo, and have been gaining popularity because of their gentle formulas. The J.R. Ligget Bar Shampoo is sulfate-free and formulated with virgin coconut and aragn oils that soothe your scalp and leave your hair shiny and smooth. To use, lather up the bar in your hands and then wash your hair as usual.


. . .And This Softening Conditioner Bar

This conditioner bar is made from eco-friendly ingredients. including honey, that will leave hair tangle-free and soft. And, each bar lasts for 100-130 washes. One user said, "I use this on the ends of the back of my hair...It smells good, it's so creamy, and makes my hair feel like silk!...Hair is soft, bouncy, and manageable. My brittle ends are doing really well and I haven't had much breakage, if any, since using it."


Refresh Skin Mid-Flight With This Facial Spray That Doubles As Your Toner

TONYMOLY's Pocket Mist is great for keeping dry skin at bay. Spray on a generous dose during your flight for a dewy boost of hydration. And, this hydrating facial spray can be used after cleansing your face in place of toner, so that's one less thing you need to pack! The formula is infused with raspberry, strawberry, peach, and baobab tree extracts which help lock in moisture and hydration. One user said, "The best moisturizing spray you'll ever try." Another one said, "I carry this in my bag on hot days and it feels very refreshing and smells lovely."


Keep Your Lips From Getting Chapped

And it's not just your face that suffers when you fly, the dry air can leave your lips chapped as well. The Bioderma Aodern Lip Balm one is made with avocado oil and shea butter, so it goes on smooth and locks in moisture to your lips. One user said that they like this balm because it "keeps the moisture on all day."


A Travel Friendly Stick That Dissolves Makeup And Cleanses Skin

This Julep cleansing balm comes in a non-liquid, stick form for easy packing. The formula a blend of gentle oils — the greatest concentration of which is coconut — to remove all traces of makeup and deeply cleanse the skin, while rice bran oil and pomegranate enzymes gently exfoliate skin.


These Pre-Soaked Nail Polish Remover Sheets

I couldn't tell you how many times I've needed nail polish remover while I'm traveling. Half the time I can't find any and the other half it's only available in a huge bottle. So, instead of having scraggly finger nails, pack these nail polish remover sheets inside your toiletry kit. One of these little cloths can remove all of your nail polish from 10 fingers.


This Mini Hair Dryer And Flat Iron Set

Have you ever gotten to your hotel to only realize that there is no hair dryer available or it's broken? I have and it's not great. To prevent that from ever happening again, pick up this mini hair dryer and flat iron set, made with Nano-Fuzeion technology that helps prevent damage and adds shine. The set also includes a detangling brush and a pouch to store them.


Add Texture And Volume With This Travel Size Favorite

This travel size version of the cult-favorite ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray works double duty, acting as both a styling spray for added volume and texture and as a dry shampoo that absorbs excess oil. It's a great alternative to your regular dry shampoo since it will not only refresh your style, but give you a new one.


Remover Makeup And Cleanse Mid-Flight With These Hydrating Towelettes

Remove dirt, oil, and makeup from your face without actually having to rinse it. Facial cleansing wipes are an essential in my travel bag, and the Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes are made to be easily tolerated by even dry skin. The cucumber and sage work together to soothe skin, remove makeup, cleanse, and tone in one easy step.


Cover All Your Bases With This Sun Protection Set

Instead of forgetting to bring all the products you need to stay safe in the sun, bring the COOLA Organic Suncare Travel Set. It includes SPF 30 face sunscreen, SPF 30 sport sunscreen spray, after sun lotion, and lip balm with SPF 30 — so you'll have everything you to protect yourself from harmful rays during your vacation.

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