The 13 Most Feminist Horror Movies To Inspire You

by Lakecia Hammond

When you're a feminist, you see misogyny everywhere; in grocery stores, night clubs, and even in horror flicks. As women, we can only take so much co-ed hook-up gone terribly wrong scenarios, and for perfectly valid reasons. Because, ta-da, we have agency just like men, and we don't want to be relegated to sex objects with nothing more to offer than breasts, pretty faces, and high sex drives for our male-counterparts. Surely, the men writing these horror movie plots have to be bored by now, right? Alas, these movies keep on coming — but thankfully, there are plenty of feminist horror movies to check out that counter those tired cliches.

Just as the term feminist could mean a myriad of different things for different people, I'll be going through my reasons for why I think these films are not only feminist but start conversations about a woman's role in pop culture and how that can and should stretch beyond being nude and chopped up into little pieces by a man who couldn't control his anger. You get what I'm saying? So, without further ado, let's get into it, by looking at some of the best feminist horror movies to ever come out.


'Rosemary's Baby'

The film itself shows us the complications, disappointments and successes surrounding pregnancy. If you watch closely, you'll be able to see a broach to rape culture, its synonymy with evil, and its ability to happen even in a marriage.



Carrie is every misogynist's nightmare; a woman in power. She uses her menstruation to arouse revenge on her bullies.


'The Witch'

A girl in 1630s New England is faced with the decision to be a witch or follow her familial vow to Christianity.


'The Babadook'

A single mother takes on her child's burden that haunts in the night and pulled from the pages of their own story book.


'A Girl Walks Home At Night'

A young seemingly innocent Iranian vampire sucks bad men's blood for sport.



When a boy she likes forces her to have sex for the first time, her vagina bites back... quite literally.


'I Spit On Your Grave'

A New York writer plots her revenge on four men who gang-raped her.


'The Love Witch'

A woman uses the power of seduction to find a man. While the entire idea of finding a man for fulfillment is one to challenge, the control she has over her own sexuality is enough to make the list.


'Eyes Of Laura Mars'

A story that challenges the objectification of women in an artful way.


'Season Of The Witch'

A suburban housewife leaves her mundance life to pursue witchcraft.


'The Craft'

Four social misfits deal with what life brings them in and out of school.



A young girl undergoes a carnivorous hazing ritual that brings something out of her, making for an artful horror you won't want to miss.



A deaf author is haunted by a masked man who forces her to push her own limits and fight for survival.

Horror flicks have a tendency to make you close your eyes or abandon the film altogether. But with these feminist storylines, sticking it out to the end will feel more satisfying than ever before — I promise.