14 Durable Dog Toys That Stand Up To Even The Toughest Chewers

by Andrea Hannah
Dog plays with a chew toy

Your dog is one of the best things that's ever happened to you, and that precious pup deserves only the best toys. You could opt for those flimsy chew toys that fall apart within an hour, or go straight for the best chew toys for dogs.

Chewing is actually really important for dogs of all ages — it helps puppies explore and older dogs to clean their teeth and stave off boredom. That's even more reason to invest in quality chew toys made from super durable (and safe!) materials. Rope toys are always a good choice, but now there are even specially-designed rubber and nylon toys that simultaneously clean teeth and gums while keeping your pup's attention engaged. Plus, durable rubber toys are often a good choice if your pup has been known to chew through one or two of their old toys.

You also want to consider your dog's personality. Some dogs are super social and love tug toys so they can play with you or their pup BFF, while others prefer to chomp away in peace and quiet. If you have a dog who tends to go to a quiet spot to chew, consider a solo toy like a stuffing-free plush or a pineapple-shaped teeth cleaner.

Can't decide which toys your dog will love? Here's a roundup of some of the best chew toys that are sure to please your pup.


A Chewable Wishbone That Tastes Like Bacon

Not only is this wishbone chew toy super durable, but it actually smells and tastes like bacon. It's made from durable nylon that's pretty much impossible to tear or shred, and the entire toy is infused with real bacon so your dog will keep coming back to it. The unique curved design also helps your dog get a hold if it — once they hold down one end of this wishbone, the other end pops up for easy access. Even better, this chew toy comes in chicken and peanut flavors as well, if that's more to your pup's liking.

What dog owners say: "I have 2 dogs and used to be a Rover sitter so I have had a LOT of dogs around the large amount of toys we have. These are by far the most popular bones, they are the first ones every single dog goes for. They are so popular with all the dogs that I'm going to get rid of the rest because they don't even bother with them. I buy them as gifts for all my dog owner friends."


Woodland Creature Chew Toys Without The Stuffing

These adorable woodland creatures are the perfect soft chew toy for dogs of all sizes. Each toy is over 18 inches long and has no stuffing inside, so you never have to come home to stuffing clouds all over your house again. There are no attachable parts, like beaded eyes or button noses, that your pup can pull off. In fact, the only thing inside each creature is a series of squeakers placed at different points to keep your dog happily engaged.

What dog owners say: "I really enjoyed the fact that these toys do not have cotton stuffing on the inside. With my dog being an aggressive chewer, she manages to destroy anything/everything that has cotton stuffing on the inside. These have been so fun and my dogs go to for toys to play with. She truly enjoys them and acts like a nut while playing with them. They have held up much better than I thought."


An Indestructible Bone For Aggressive Chewers

If your dog loves to chew, this indestructible bone promises to hold up to the challenge. It's made from food-grade nylon, so it's completely safe for dogs that tend to gnaw through just about anything. It's infused with bacon flavor, and it features a gentle curve and tons of contouring so your dog is sure to find an angle to chew that hits the right spot.

What dog owners say: "We got a new pup in December, and this bone is her go-to favorite teether. She is losing teeth left and right at this point, and she LOVES biting on this bone. She has a lot of different bones and plush toys, but she chews on this particular one every day. It has held up very well, better than some of the other "indestructible" dog toys that we have ended up throwing out. I would highly recommend for an aggressive chewer!"


A Rubber Gorilla Chew Toy That Freshens Bad Breath

Your pup will love chewing on this rubber gorilla, and you'll love how well it cleans your dog's teeth. For one, it's infused with the same baking soda found in some toothpastes, so it naturally neutralizes odor in your dog's mouth. It's also made from high-quality rubber that won't tear, and the tiny grooves all over the gorilla work to stimulate the gums and reduce tartar buildup.

What dog owners say: "My heavy chewer needs Kong toys or else they're in pieces very quickly. This is one of the few toys I can give for 10+ minutes and it's still intact. I take it away after 20 minutes to extend the life. Smells great and my dog is entertained by it, so we will purchase again."


A Stick That Feels Like Real Wood

This synthetic stick offers all the fun of chewing a real stick without the risk of splintering. The key is in the materials — this "stick" is made from an innovative blend of real wood and synthetic plastic so it has the same taste and texture, but it won't cut up your dog's mouth. Plus, it lasts way longer. Bonus: This stick is infused with a smoky barbecue flavor that your dog will go wild for.

What dog owners say: "What a great bone for hard chewers who love sticks. Lasts incredibly long and must taste good! I will keep buying them if I ever need one again."


A Rubber Ring Chew Toy With A Lifetime Guarantee

Once you invest in this ultra durable ring, you'll never have to replace it. It comes with a lifetime guarantee because it's been proven to hold up over time against even the most aggressive chewers. This ring is over an inch thick and is completely puncture- and tear-resistant, yet it has just enough flexibility that you can still play tug with your pup or toss it around for a fun game of fetch.

What dog owners say: "Awesome! My 1 year old black lab destroys everything she can get her mouth on, so I definitely assumed this would last a weekend, tops. Wrong! It's her current favorite toy and it literally doesn't even have any signs of wear on it yet (2 weeks in). Very impressed."


A Super Tough Chew Toy That You Can Stuff With Treats

This tough chew toy is your best bet for dog that tends to get bored easily. It's extremely durable and features tons of contouring that will keep your dog's gums stimulated as they discover new angles, but the best part is the hollowed-out middle. You can stuff it with kibble, small treats, or even peanut butter and watch your dog go bananas as he tries to figure out how to access the deliciousness inside. Nearly 7,000 Amazon reviews agree that powerful pups love this toy.

What dog owners say: "Great toy, it really holds up to strong chewing. It keeps my dogs entertained for a long time when it is stuffed and frozen. The XXL is a good size for my 1 year old 85 pound German Shepherd."


A Ball That Bounces And Floats

These genius little balls bounce, float, and are nearly indestructible. They feature a textured outer surface to provide traction so your pup can easily scoop them out of a pool or lake. There's also an inner core made of thick, high-quality rubber, and each ball features a squeaker for even more fun. If you're tired of replacing tennis balls that tend to fall apart, these balls for active dogs are a game-changer.

What dog owners say: "My dogs would chew up a tennis ball in under an hour. My 2 labs play with (and chew on) these balls constantly! No damage at all!"


Easily Digestible Sticks Made From Yak's Milk

Your dog will be in heaven with these long-lasting chew sticks that are made from yak's milk. Dogs can't get enough of this nutritious, completely organic, gluten- and lactose-free treat. Plus, when the milk is hardened into a stick, it takes hours of gnawing on it to get it to dissolve, so it'll keep your dog busy for a long time. And the best part? Each bag comes with around 10 sticks, so it'll be awhile before you have to replace them.

What dog owners say: "It takes my dog a little while to enjoy a new Yak chew but once he starts he doesn't stop. Knowing that EcoKind is natural 100% Grade A chew gives me confidence that I am giving my dog a healthy treat."


A Pack Of Rope Chew Toys That's Perfect For Your Puppy

There are tons of options for your puppy to choose from with this chew toy variety pack. All the toys in this pack are made from non-toxic, chemical-free materials that are completely safe for your pup — and they're extremely durable, too. It comes with various tug toys in multiple thicknesses and lengths, a rope-based frisbee, a stuffing-free plush, and a variety of rubber rings and balls.

What dog owners say: "Great package of assorted puppy toys. I wanted things small or light enough that our puppy could chew on and carry around now. This package has those things and more that she will use later as well. Our larger dog picked her favorites as well. It worked out for the puppy and the older dog. It really is a good value, it comes out to an average $1.66 a toy and they are good quality toys."


A Plush Dragon Chew Toy With Reinforced Seams

This cute stuffed dragon is a great companion for dogs who love to snuggle up with their toys. This plushie does have stuffing inside, but the manufacturers are pretty confident that your dog will never tear it open. It's made from durable fabrics and stitched together with reinforced seams. On top of that, this little dragon also comes with "chew guard" insurance, which means you can send it back for a free replacement if your dog somehow does manage to break through.

What dog owners say: "I have a wheaten terror- err... terrier, who loves to tear apart her squeaky toys. No toy has lasted more than 10 minutes with her before the stuffing is strewn all over the floor. This brand has lasted the longest at about 4 days. If you want to buy your destructive dog a squeaky toy that will take longer to rip apart, this is a good one. I fear no squeaky toy will be indestructible to my dog, but I will continue my search."


A Ball And Rope Combo Chew Toy That You Can Play Tug With

Not only can you play tug with this toy, but this ball and rope combo also gives your dog the opportunity to play solo. The rubber ball in the center features tons of grooves and contouring that feels oh so good on your dog's gums. Plus, there are several slots that are just big enough to slip a few treats in to keep your dog stimulated, too. And if your dog loves social interaction, you can grab one of the attached rope ends for for a quick game of tug.

What dog owners say: "I love how this toy can clean their teeth the same time they are playing with it or chewing on it. It has a slight mint scent to it. I also love how you can put food in it for them to work on to get out. AND it's a durable chew toy! What a great idea to have all of these combined into one toy. Dog owners know how hard it is to find a toy that will last and having the bonus of teeth cleaning. Would highly recommend!"


A Cactus That Cleans Your Dog's Teeth

This rubber cactus won't poke or pinch, but it'll definitely make your dog's teeth shine. It's made from high-quality rubber that won't break, and all the little "needles" gently massage your dog's teeth and remove tartar, all while they're happily chewing away. The bottom of the cactus features a squeaker to keep them interested, and the entire toy is infused with a milk scent so they won't want to step away for a second.

What dog owners say: "I recently purchased a similar item for my large dog and then decided to purchase this one for my smaller dog. It is genius!! My dog hates, hates, hates having his teeth brushed but he loves chewing so this chew toy is perfect for us! It is made of very sturdy plastic and comes with a cleaning brush to remove the toothpaste."


A Reinforced Squirrel Plush Chew Toy With Five Squeakers

This squeaky squirrel is a ton of fun for pups who love to make noise. It has five squeakers at various points so no matter where your dog chews, the toy's almost guaranteed to make some noise. The squirrel itself is stuffing-free and features reinforced seams to hold it together. And if something does happen to this plushie, you can go ahead and turn it into to the manufacturer for a free replacement.

What dog owners say: "EIGHT MONTHS in and this is the worst of the damage from daily chewing. The fabric is still intact, the squeaker still works great! (The black spot is another layer of fabric.)This is his favorite toy, he will search for it and remembers where he last hid it."

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