The 15 Best Unsolved True Crime Documentaries You Can Stream Right Now

There are so many great true crime documentaries out there that it's sometimes hard to pick which disturbing case you want to explore. The most haunting ones of all, though, are often the stories about real crimes that remain unsolved. It's creepy enough to watch a murder mystery and reach a resolution, but the 15 best unsolved true crime docs streaming now offer a different type of spookiness. What makes these cases so intriguing is not just the fact that they actually happened, but the knowledge that real-life murderers might still be out on the loose. It adds another layer of eeriness to these already unsettling tales.

So if getting the most bone-chilling reaction from a true crime documentary is your goal, you need to check out these unsolved cases ASAP. The documentaries range from well-known stories like Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac's murders to more obscure tales like a mother's strange disappearance. Yet while they all follow different crimes, the movies have a lot of surprising similarities, including the fact that a lot of them are made by the loved ones of the deceased who remain resolute in their attempts to find out the truth. As these docs portray, sometimes they succeed, and sadly, sometimes they don't.


'Making A Murderer'

One of the most riveting true crime tales still has a lot of mystery surrounding the case. You can watch this one on Netflix.


'Paradise Lost: The Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills' Parts I-III

The wrongful conviction of three young boys in a murder case unfolds over three parts in these documentaries, which you can find on HBO and Amazon Prime.


'Killing Jimmy Hoffa'

The probable murder of Teamster union boss Jimmy Hoffa is shrouded in corruption and mystery when investigated in this documentary. You can find it on Amazon Prime.


'Brother’s Keeper'

After a man was mysteriously killed in upstate New York in 1990, his brother was accused of the murder, but the case wasn't exactly closed after that. You can find the doc on Netflix now.


'Who Took Johnny'

After a young boy vanished in 1982, the parents tried to get to the bottom of his unsolved kidnapping. This riveting documentary is on Netfli.


'There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane'

After Diane got into a car accident that killed herself and children in the car, the authorities found that she had alcohol and THC in her system, which caused the crash. Diane's family didn't believe that ruling and decided to investigate the events leading up to the crash in this documentary. You can watch the unsolved, eerie case on Amazon Prime and HBO Go.


' The Life & Death Of Marsha P. Johnson'

Marsha P. Johnson is known for her fearless activism for LGBT rights and her instrumental role in the Stonewall uprising. This Netflix documentary looks into the activist's mysterious death after her body was found in the Hudson river.


'Out Of Thin Air'

In this documentary, available on Netflix, an Icelandic murder mystery takes some surprising turns when it's revealed that some people provided false confessions.



The most intriguing part of this unsolved case is that the U.S. government may have indirectly murdered a man and successfully covered it up in order to hide its role in the secretive LSD testing going on. Find it on Netflix now.


'The Staircase'

One of the most classic true crime murder mystery docs is on Netflix, and it will leave you questioning what really happened.


'Missing Mom'

This documentary on Amazon Prime follows the filmmaker, Rob McCallum and his brother, Chris, who explore the unsolved case of their mother's disappearance over 25 years ago.


'Casting Jonbenet'

One of the most well-known unsolved murder cases is that of Jonbenet Ramsey, and this film takes a unique look at the events surrounding the six year-old's death. You can find the doc on Netflix.


'BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime'

Hulu has a whole true crime series dedicated to unsolved cases, with Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime. Episodes include one focusing on the 2013 murder of Elisa Lam, the notorious Black Dahlia case, and more.


'The Keepers'

The unsolved murder of a nun named Cathy Cesnik serves as a vehicle for uncovering the corruption and lies of the Catholic church in this Netflix documentary.


'Biggie And Tupac'

Even though many conspiracy theories exist, Biggie and Tupac uses real evidence that the murders of the two rappers needn't remain unsolved. Find it on Netflix.

These docs will leave you thinking about their unsolved cases long after the credits roll.