The 15 Best YA Books Of February 2017

Just when the winter starts to feel never-ending, young adult authors are here to help ease all your ailments. The list of best YA novels of February is stacked with diverse stories guaranteed to capture your attention and help make those long cold days seem a little less painful.

YA novels this month get very real, whether taking inspiration from the Black Lives Matter movement, historical tragedies, mental illness, LGBTQ young love, or even finding the humanity in space operas, parallel universes, and time-traveling adventures.

In a time when the world could use a little more empathy and understanding, these writers are showing us how it's done. They're showing us often underrepresented voices (or are often-quieted voices themselves), telling us stories we may have never heard before, and introducing us to powerful characters we won't soon forget.

Oh, and that doesn't mean these stories are without fun and humor, because many of them certainly are. You'll definitely want to tag along for the whirlwind ride.

So get out and get active and participate in making our communities better places, but also take some personal time to yourself, grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and delve into one of these thoughtful and page-turning stories.