The 20 Best Gifts For The Trickiest People On Your Holiday List

By Ashley Vega

One of the most rewarding things about the holidays is seeing the priceless reaction on your loved one’s face as they open the gift you thoughtfully picked out for them. But getting to that moment can be a bit chaotic, especially when it comes to the tough-to-shop-for people on your list.

It could be your cousin who has literally everything you could possibly imagine, your on-trend best friend who already has the latest accessories straight off the runway, or even your mom who humbly insists that you skip out on her gift this holiday. No matter what, there’s always one tough giftee on your list. It’d be a holiday miracle if they just told you what they wanted, wouldn't it?

Luckily, we’ve partnered with G-SHOCK to ease your holiday worry and give you 20 of the gift ideas that'll make your loved ones think you know them better than anyone else. With these gifts, you won't even break a sweat this holiday season.

For The Friend Who Has Everything

Jenny Garbutt/Bustle

G-SHOCK G-MS Watch, Camera, Sleeping Mask, Personalized Fragrance, Monogrammed Tote

We all have that one friend who is prepared for anything. Whether it’s a dying phone, bad hair day, or even the apocalypse, this friend is ready for anything. That means that you have to go the extra step to get her something she can't find anywhere else. A must-have watch or a personalized scent will make her feel special — and like she hit the jackpot with a gift no one else will have.

For The Friend Who Never Wants a Gift

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G-SHOCK G-MS Watch, Notebook, Coffee Mug, Candles, Sweater

“I don’t want anything” is the most frustrating thing to hear when you just want to give a gift to your loved one. In situations like this, keep it simple. Timeless gifts such as candles, mugs, and even cozy sweaters are perfect for our girl to use in her everyday routine.

For The Friend Who Only Likes Fancy Gifts

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G-SHOCK G-MS Watch, Sequin Pillow, Rose Quartz Roller, Teddy Coat, Eyeshadow Set

Whether she’s rocking the latest accessories straight off the runway or has the best-looking home, our trendy friend lives a lavish lifestyle. When browsing for gifts for her, think of things that’ll make her shine. You can buy her skincare products like a facial roller to keep her skin plump and fresh; or, if she naturally has flawless skin, try adding a rose gold G-SHOCK G-MS watch or a faux-fur coat to her on-trend closet.

For The Friend Who Has a Unique Sense of Style

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G-SHOCK G-MS Watch, Record Player, Mini Waffle Maker, Wineglasses, Purse, Neon Sign

Our one-of-a-kind friend may seem like the hardest to shop for because...well, she’s unique! In moments like this, go for unusual finds. Gifts like vintage record players, neon signs to spruce up homes, or mini waffle makers are the perfect way to keep our girl satisfied. If she’s into cool accessories, throw in a funky novelty beaded clutch.

In partnership with G-SHOCK.