The 20 Best Tastes Of The ‘90s, From Otter Pops In Summer To Dunkaroos After School

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Well, we’ve covered every other sense there is, so I guess it’s about time we revisited the best tastes of the ‘90s, isn’t it? I mean, we can’t really leave the set unfinished. That would be weird. Unsettling. There’s nothing quite like the lack of closure brought about by a cliff-hanger, and it will always, always bug you. So hey, let’s take care of that, shall we? Because seriously: The ‘90s had some of the best-tasting things around. There’s a reason we remember all those snacks so fondly.

I realize that not everyone’s tastes are the same. I hate grape juice; you may love it. I think popcorn is gross; it may be your favorite snack in the history of everything, especially when you’re watching a movie. That said, though, these 20 different tastes were the flavor of the ‘90s in an extremely literal way, so feel free to interpret “best” to mean “most memorable” if that’s how you roll.

Either way, though, I’m willing to bet that you still have a soft spot for at least one childhood snack. We all do. And hey, you know what? You can totally go out and recapture the magic right now if you want to. Adulthood may not be quite what we thought it was going to be when we were kids… but at least we can eat Fruit by the Foot whenever we want.

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